31 January 2011

Lesson Complete!

We taught our first primary class together yesterday!
I'd like to think it was a success!

Matt was so cute sitting with the boys, talking to them about their basketball games,
 and who is going to win the super bowl.
it was adorable.

Our lesson was on the childhood of the Savior, I was teaching, but  really appreciated  when Matt would chime in... he knows a lot more than I do.

I made these picture cards, with questions about the lesson on the back, each child got one and had to read the scripture, and answer the question!

 Then had these little handouts for them to do in sacrament meeting to keep them reverent!
 Matt did his in sacrament meeting, and it kept him quiet thats for sure!

Everything went great and I am excited to keep doing this together!
Matt teaches next week.. I can't wait to see what he has in mind! :) 

26 January 2011

This silly blog...

Today I was reading Becky Higgins blog, and I was starting to get a little depressed because I wish that I would have started project life at the first of the year... actually, I wish I would have started it from the day we got married.

I have seen this type of project before, Emily has it and I know a couple other people who are doing it, not necessarily the exact same thing, but similar.

Anyway, I still want to be able to start a project like this and keep up on it, forever.. but for right now, I really am just so glad I have this blog.

I have thought about deleting it multiple times (in fact, today I had this thought again), because I feel like people really couldn't care less about my life,
 but then I remembered the real reason I do it.

This blog isn't to brag about how great I think my life is, or about how much I love my husband, It isn't so people can see how crafty I try to be, or how cute my house is...
This blog is my journal, and it holds some of the best experiences of my life so far. It is the best way, for right now, that I can document great events, special occasions, and friend & family moments to remember forever!

So its okay that no one other than my family really read this, I honestly dont mind. Because I dont do this for anyone else, except myself, and my future family!
[I plan on printing my blog in a book at the end of the year, and continuing to do that as long as I have it]

So right now, I am greatful for this silly thing, that consumes a lot of my time and a lot of my work day (woops) Because now I can remember the little things that I might otherwise forget!

Have a great day!

25 January 2011

Family Night!

Last night we went ice skating with our good friends
Nick and Autumn, and Nicks sister Mary, and her husband Dave.

It was so much fun! Matt and Nick play on the same hockey team, and are both used to being on the ice,
I on the other hand am not! I guess I shouldn't laugh when people fall during their games, because I almost fell every five minutes, and no one was racing me to the puck, or pushing me out of the way!

I am so glad we went! We had lots of fun, and even though my ankle was a little more sore after then it was before (woops) it was a very fun night!

Thank you for inviting us Autumn! :)
{ps, I have a really cute picture of Nick and Autumn, from this event, but I haven't uploaded it yet! I'll post it soon!}

23 January 2011

We belong to the Church of Jesus Christ...

We will have to get used to this song and many other really great ones,
Because we have officially been put into primary together!

We will be teaching the Valient 10/11 combined class!
I am so excited to be teaching with Matt!

I taught primary for three years and have had lots of practice,
Matt has never been in primary before but I know he'll be great!

This will be great! I can't wait!!

21 January 2011

Haylee Jo Brimhall

T H A N K Y O U!!!

you know what you did/are doing.

you are the greatest! :)

19 January 2011

Can't wait..

I cannot wait for spring!!
The last few days have felt like spring time is coming,
but I know that I'll be disappointed when it snows again this week.
i'm really getting my hopes up though.

So while I wait for the glorious spring time to come, I'll look forward to
Valentines day!
Last year was a major success, and I'm hoping this one will be too!
So to start of the season I made this little craft.

It's a door haging, and it is the cutest color pink!

The next few months are some of my favorite!
 I can't wait for them to get here! :)

17 January 2011

Lazy Sunday..

I walked into the family room yesterday and saw this... 

Maeby loves Matt, and he loves her!
they are two peas in a pod

13 January 2011


So this year for Brittany's birthday, she had her party at


She used to live in Hawaii and loved surfing, so this was the closest we could get to the ocean!
I wanted to participate so bad, but Matt refused to let me even attempt.
dumb foot.

The party was a major success and everyone had so much fun!!

I dont know how to flip my videos.. so turn your head :)

Thanks for the great night!!
I hope you had a great birthday sister!!

10 January 2011

January Tenth.

Happy Birthday Brittany!!

I wish we were here again!

Happy Birthday sister!!
I love you so much and am so lucky to have you as a sister!

I hope your day is perfect!!

07 January 2011


I just found out that if you look at my blog on a 
widescreen computer..
my heading isn't centered! 

Don't know what that is all about, but I am not sure how to fix it! 
It looks perfect on my computer... dang it! 

04 January 2011

6 Months???

So I met with the orthopedic surgeon yesterday.
Nothing is torn!! :)
that is great news!!

unfortunately.. I am back in my boot and still using my crutches.
They found out that I have a bone spur at the top of my foot that is causing
my tendon to be inflammed. which is why I am in so much pain!
Hopefully within the next couple weeks it will go down, and I'll start feeling much better!

Any contact with my tendon and it will rupture, so the doctor told me
No soccer (or any real contact sports or activity) for 6 MONTHS!!
I am sure once I start feeling better, I can do lots of other things like running, but thats about it!

So this is officially my life for the next little while...
Looks fun right?

Have a great day! :)

02 January 2011

January 1, 2011

Happy New Year!

We had such a great new years and are so excited for this next year together!
We've been making some resolutions and goals together and I can't wait to get started!!

Today we got to celebrate one of our favorite holidays
Frits birthday!
We consider this a holiday because she always has such a great party!

This year we went to classic skating and had unlimited passes!
I couldn't really participate because of my ankle and crutches
But I did hit the jackpot in the arcade!

This was a great way to start the new year!
Welcome 2011!