28 November 2012

Going Private

Friends (if anyone still even reads this blog),
 Since our little Lucy takes up a lot of space on this lovely blog and I can't help but post millions of pictures of her, Matt and I have decided to make our blog private. If you would like to keep reading, please leave your email address in a comment so I can invite you.
Thanks for reading!

16 November 2012

Lucy and Charlotte's Blessing Day

Because Lucy is lucky enough to have another cousin so close to her in age, she was able to share her special day with her youngest cousin, Charlotte. On November 4, 2012 Lucy Marie Olsen and Charlotte Emily Shumway were given a name and a blessing. It was so fun for these two little babies to be able to have this day together, and even though we had about 80 people (thats JUST family) we were thrilled to have everyone in attendance to help us celebrate this special day. 

Matt did such a wonderful job and gave Lucy the most beautiful blessing. She is so lucky to have such a great dad who is a worthy priesthood holder. I have always thought baby blessings were such sweet days for those new babies and their parents, but I never really understood just how special that day is until I could experience it for myself. I know Lucy is going to grow into a beautiful young woman full of integrity and kindness. I cherish each and every day with her and I look forward to all of the days, moments and memories to come. 

Lucy was in no mood for pictures... but isn't my sister Jennifer so pretty?? 

 Belle didn't want any more pictures either... ha ha 

It was such a great day, I'm so glad we could share it. 

Recent Weeks

I have been a terrible blogger, and I am trying to make a commitment to myself that I am going to be better. I take about a hundred pictures of Lucy each week, and still somehow I feel like I don't have enough. She changes daily and is becoming the sweetest, happiest little baby around. She smiles anytime anyone talks to her, she likes to spit and do some "tricks" with her mouth. She laughed for the very first time last week, and thank heavens I caught part of it on video. I am missing her sweet little newborn phase, but it has been so fun to watch her grow. If any of you follow me on instagram, you know how obsessed I am with Lucy (I apologize for annoying everyone out there with my 300 pictures, but I really just can't help it). In church this last week a couple of the ladies were talking to me about how they love seeing all her pictures, then one said, "Kathryn, you are such a cute mom. You love it don't you?" and all I could say over and over is, "yes, I love it so much! I love being a mom, I love it!" I am sure I sounded like a complete idiot, but in all honesty, that is all I can say about it. No matter how many sleepless nights there are, or evenings when Lucy wont stop crying; I absolutely, totally, completely love being a mother more than anything. I can't wait for the day when I get to stay home with my little one's and watch each and every moment of their small lives. I don't think there could possibly be anything better. Now here are pictures of the recent weeks. I'm sure none of you care to see them all, but I do.. so deal with it. :) 

Can you believe this little gem is 15 weeks... actually almost 16.. which is almost 4 months. Eek. Time is going way too fast. 

Crosby's Blessing Day

On October 14, 2012 Crosby Dee Call was given a name and a blessing. Cros-boy is such a sweet boy (even if he doesn't like to sleep much) and is the cutest little chunk I have ever seen. He is 11 days younger than Lucy, and has out weighed her since the day he was born. I sure love this little boy, and I was so glad we could be apart of his special day. :) 

 My Beautiful Sister in Law, Camer, and the fat boy himself, Crosby Dee. 

The Call Family

 Lola and her other cousin Lucy, little cheesers. 

And how precious is this picture??? Debbie and Frit were making Lucy so happy while we sat at the park during the luncheon, and Matt captured this little gem of a picture. I absolutely love it. 

I am so lucky to be apart of such a great family. I married into one of the most fun and most loving families I have ever met. Lucky me. 

01 October 2012

Weeks 7, 8, Month 2 & Bear Lake

Warning: This is a picture overload. 17 pictures to be exact. I apologize. I just couldn't pick which pictures of my cute baby to post... so there are multiple. 

I am catching up from the last couple weeks... here are pictures of Lucy Marie in her 7th and 8th week of life. She is getting sooo big! She changes every day. It is so sad, but also so fun! I love that she will smile at me and get so happy when we sing to her and talk to her. She is the sweetest baby ever. 

We are totally obsessed with Lucy, but we still love our sweet Maeby just the same! She is so sweet to Lucy and loves to snuggle up next to her and to kiss her feet. They are going to be the best of friends, I just know it! 

Matt and his Ladies... 

Matt's brother Slo (Brad) is a huge runner and seriously runs more than any normal human should. He has been training all year to run a 100 mile race in the mountains. He has done multiple 50 miles races and was ready to take the next step. This weekend was the big Bear 100 race up in Bear Lake so we all planned to go up and watch and support him. Unfortunately, the night before the race Slo ended up getting a fever and coming down with the Flu. :( He has invested too much to give up that easy, so he was determined to give it a shot in the morning. The minute he started running, he couldn't keep anything in his stomach, not even water. He managed to run 30 miles, puking the whole way and with a terrible fever, when he decided it would be best if he drop out of the race. It was the saddest thing ever. We all were so upset because we knew how much time he had put into training, and he was definitely ready and able to do it. Of all the weekends to get sick, this was definitely the worst one. He is still our hero, and we are proud of him! 

Even though Slo couldn't run the race, we decided to make the best of the weekend and enjoy some time in Bear Lake. Lucy was such a great traveler and did so well in the car! This is when we got to the first check point to wait for Slo, this is how Lucy felt about being in her car seat for hours... haha 

We were lucky enough to share a condo with the Calls. We love spending time with them! Crosby and Lucy are only 11 days apart, we decided to measure them while we were there. Crosby is 21 inches long, and Lucy is 23.5 inches long!! Everyone always comments on how long she is for her age, and really, she has got her dads longgg legs. ha They are both so cute! We love cousins! :) 

Lola on the tractor

Lucy's first vacation! 
this is a terrible picture of me... we were heading out and I did not do my hair or make up.. but its all about the memories, right? 

When we returned home yesterday, Lucy was officially 2 months old! I hate that time is going so quickly, but I have loved seeing her little personality come out. We sure love this little girl, and we are so happy we get to be her parents! 

I admit, I am totally obsessed with her. I am sure it is annoying to the rest of you. But to be honest.. I don't care! :) I love being a mom more than I ever thought possible, and I love my little Lucy Marie so much! My little family is what brings me the most happiness and I am so thankful to our Heavenly Father that I get to spend eternity with them. They are my best friends and bring me the greatest joy! 

12 September 2012

week 5, 6 and the nursery.

Lucy just keeps growing! She is now six weeks old and just over 8 pounds. She tries really hard to hold her head up all by herself, and to stand up on our legs. She prefers to sleep naked and sleeps longest in mom and dads bed. (I am not a real supporter of "co-sleeping" but some nights I will do ANYTHING for sleep.) The longest she sleeps at a time is 6 hours, and in all honestly that feels like days to me! I feel like a new woman when I get that much sleep. She will smile at us and she even giggled at Matt one day. She loves her binki and loves to eat. She is the sweetest little baby ever and I am so lucky to be her mom. 

A few people have asked me to post pictures of her nursery. The reason I haven't posted anything yet, is because it isn't really finished. I still need to get some pictures printed, a canvas hung and a mirror hung. I'll get there eventually... :) 

but here is what we have so far. My goal for this room was to be very calm and simple. I don't like a lot of crap on the walls and I didn't want it to be too bright or busy. I wanted it to be as sweet and peaceful as a new baby. So here is Lucy's room so far.. 

Crib: Pottery Barn 
Bedding: Pottery Barn
Rug: Ikea
Chair: RC Willey
Night Stand: Was my Grandpas when he was a little boy, Matt fixed it up for Lucy :) 
Mirror (on the floor waiting to be hung): Hobby Lobby 

This is a picture of the first time Matt made her giggle. I was holding the camera and tried to snap a picture as fast as I could, so its pretty blurry and a really bad angle... but its a moment I am glad I could capture. 

And she isn't sure how she feels about "tummy time". 
Such a little sweetie. 

Being a mom is the best job ever. 

as a side note, Matt and I started Insanity this week. 
we are only three days in and my body hates me. 
having a baby really does a number on you. 
wish me luck. 
3 days down, 57 to go. 

01 September 2012

One whole month??

I really cannot believe that our little Lucy is now one month old. My mom always told me that once you have kids, time goes by so quickly. I never really believed her until now. I feel like it was just yesterday that Matt and I were headed to the hospital to have a baby.. and now she has already been here a whole month. In the last month Lucy was lucky enough to get TWO new cousins. Just 11 days after she was born, her cousin Crosby Dee Call was born. He is such a handsome little man, and seriously has the greatest hair I have ever seen! Then 3 weeks later her other new beautiful cousin, Charlotte Emily Shumway, was born. It was so fun to be pregnant with my sister Jennifer and my sister in law Emilee, and it has been even more fun to have new babies with them. I love that we are all going through the same things right now; enjoying the late night feedings and new born snuggles.

Matt and I are enjoying being parents more than we could have ever imagined. Knowing that this little spirit was sent to our family to learn and grow, is the most rewarding thing we could ever experience. I don't know how we got so lucky to have such a sweet baby.

Maeby has been adjusting really well, and although she is getting a little neglected, she loves Lucy and always wants to give her kisses and cuddle with her. I think they will be great friends when Lucy gets a little older! :)

Baby Crosby and Baby Lucy both so happy! 

Baby Lucy and Baby Charlotte

We sure love our little Lucy... now if only time could please slow down!!