30 December 2010

Emergency Room.

In case you don't already know.. My husband is a very good soccer player.
On Tuesday night he played on a mens team and he did great!

So when we both got the opportunity to play last night, we were so excited!
its been months since we played coed together, and i've really missed it!

So after getting to the game through the blizzard...
I got in and played for about ten minutes...
then I got hit really hard.. and experienced the worst pain of my life!
I am not even exaggerating! I have never cried so much because of an injury.. and i've been hurt a lot!
Matt was right there after I hit the ground and carried me off the field.
after waiting out that game, and the next game our team played..
we made our way to the ER.

Thankfully my ankle isn't broken! but unfortunately... I can't walk!
I have a really bad sprain & re-injured the tendons that have already been torn... twice.

Having done this more than once... I thought I knew what to expect...
but i've never been so swollen, and in so much pain!

I have to go see an Orthopedic surgeon to get an MRI to see what the full damage really is.
thank heavens for my amazing health insurance!!
It ended up being a great night! ha I sat out and Matt play a great couple of games!!
seriously he is so good. he even scored a goal for me! :)

Hopefully I heal quickly so Matt can stop carrying me everywhere, and I can ditch the crutches!

If anyone feels like sitting on the couch with me.. or taking care of my puppy,
Come on over! :)

Matt has been so great at taking care of me, he is so worried about how I am feeling, and is doing everything for me!
I am so lucky to have him!

28 December 2010

First Shots

Maeby already knows what the Vet is,
& she already knows she doesn't like it!

From the minute we walked in, before she even saw the doctor she was shaking & crying.

Maeby got her first shots today, and even though she was scared
she did great! 

Once we got back home, she was worn out! 

She never falls asleep on my lap, unless we're driving! 

That is how worn out she really is!! 

Poor puppy! 

27 December 2010

Merry Christmas

We had such a great Christmas
& hope all of you did too!!

This year is coming to a close soon..
although I faced some of my biggest trials,
and continue to deal with them,
2010 holds the greatest memories, experiences
and joys I could possibly think of!

I am excited to see what 2011 has in store for us!

23 December 2010

December Birthdays!

geeze.. lately all i do is post about someones birthday

Happy Birthday to little
Jay Ray


Jennifer Jean! 

Love you both! Hope today is fabulous! 

22 December 2010


On December 20, 1950, 
My handsome dad was born! 

This last monday we celebrated his 
60th Birthday!! 

We had a surprise party for him at my parents. 
it was a lot of preparation, and running around that day, 
but it was so worth it!! 
He loved it! 

Happy Birthday Dad!! 
I love you so much!! 

19 December 2010

Maeby Olsen

Well guys, we did it! 
We went and picked up our new pup on Thursday. 
She is very cute (& kinda naughty)
Matt keeps telling me, 
"She's just a puppy" 
I need to learn some patience.. 

 Even though she wants to chew on everything..
We love her! 

She is an Australian Shepherd and hopefully
 she lives up to their standard..
obedient, smart, all around good dogs..
I can't wait to take her running with me,
 and play frisbee! 
its just getting to that point that might be a little rough. ha

We love her and hope she loves us too! 
Matt is in doggy heaven.. he has wanted a dog more than anyone i've ever met! 

13 December 2010

Baby > Puppy?

Well Matt and I wont be having a baby anytime soon.
{we will be very happy when it is time though}
give us a few years.. or five.

Until then.. we NEED a puppy.
We really wanted this,

and could of had him for free, last night..
but pitbulls aren't allowed in our house.
I'm writing a letter about discrimination to our property managment.

So I guess we'll settle for this sweet face!
{he isn't even close to settling}
seriously though, this is my top choice..
I can't get enough of those wrinkles and

Now I just need $1500 to buy him.
Any donations??

07 December 2010

Manti, Utah Temple

Well my temple picture class was this last saturday!
thank heavens it's over. it was causing me some stress.

and this was my final prodcut!

The Manti, Utah Temple

We had so much fun doing this little project,
and I am soo happy with the way mine turned out!
It is perfect, and perfectly hung on my wall :)

Thank you for everyone that came!
and a special thanks to camer, and deb.
we had to make/finish like 5 different pictures! ahh and clean up :)

I'm so glad I did it, I know have a beautiful picture
 of our temple haning in my home!

For those of you who didn't come...
be jealous! :)

04 December 2010

December 4, 2010

This sweet little girl
is growing up so fast!! 

Lola Emme Call 
is 1 today! 

She is so freaking cute, and has the funniest

Happy Birthday Miss Boss! 
We're so glad you are a happy baby now! :)
We love you so so much and love playing with you!
Love, Your Aunt Kathy, and Uncle P-Nut

01 December 2010

8 more days...

If I can make it through the next 8 days
I will be done with the horrible semester!!!
I mean honestly, who takes

Political Science
Library Science

all in the same semester,
while working full time!

This is my list of things to finish, and their assigned date.
Jamie dont feel bad, I also am feeling a bit like a crazy person.

On a better note...
I have officially finished my Library Science and Political Science class!

lets pray I survive.