26 April 2010

Could I be happier??

I don't think so! :)
40 Weeks,
282 Days,
6768 Hours,
406080 Minutes,
24364800 Seconds
Since the butterflys started... and they still haven't gone away!

21 April 2010

You Know What I L O V E ?.....

The fact that these two are becoming such great friends!!!

They are so adorable!

Life is great!!

18 April 2010

Adventures with Emily and Colton!

This is long, and I apologize!

Yesterday was SUCH a fun day! I really wouldn't mind doing it all over again! :)
Matt and I drove up to meet Emily and Colton in Brigham City so that we could play Disc Golf?? Yep, Disc Golf!
I always thought I hated this sport, it seemed hard and kind of dumb, but it was actually really fun!
Probably because of the company we were with! :)

Colton insisted that everyone keep score, and after about the 6th hole, Emily and I put our discs back in the back pack! ha ha We were done! It was more fun just to watch these two boys play!
And things went much quicker when we weren't attempting to throw those dang discs! Its a lot harder then you'd think!

Here are our sweet boys!
Colton and Matt are becoming such good friends!! I love it!!!

They agree on just about everything, and really agree on how much they love us! :)
ha ha ok ok.. I made that part up, but it sounds good right??
Emily and Colton!!
Seriously Emily has been my best friend for years, and now Colton is too! This is what I have always wanted!! Playing with them is so much fun!
Matt and Colton in the river! Colton accidently threw his disc in... and well.. this is what happened!
Matthew Shawn! He is actually really good at this disc golf business!
Emily and Me holding our discs! ha And yes, I did wear the back pack the entire time! ha
After our adventures at the park, we drove up to Logan and went to Colton and Emily's house! We stayed there for a little bit, then went to dinner at WOW! (A very suspicious Chinese Restaurant) Then we went to this delicious new Ice Cream place, Sub Zero! It was so neat, and really good!
( I know I look a bit rough, but it was the end of the day, and well.. it happens!)
After all of these fun events, we went back to their house again and talked about all sorts of things!! It was such a fun day, by the time we drove home we almost didn't make it! Poor Matt was so tired!! We almost died too!
In the Canyon we almost hit an entire family of deer! There were seriously 12 of them in the road! If our brights hadn't of been on, there is no way we would of seen them! Scary!

Well, That ends our great day with the Meyerhoffers!! I can't wait for our "Family Plan" and for our next adventure together!!!!

Matt and I both love you guys so much!! Thanks for all the good times! :)

15 April 2010

April Birthdays!

April is a great month birthdays! :) Not only did I have such a great 21st birthday, but this week we got to celebrate our friend Chase's birthday! He also turned 21 and we had a surprise dinner for him last night at Chili's!

Matt and I love playing with Jen and Chase! They are such fun friends, and their little daughter Ambyer is so cute! Chase and Matt have been friends for such a long time, and we see them at least once a week because they still play soccer together! So while they are playing, Jen and I have lots of fun talking in the stands and watching them!

Here is Chase, Jen and Ambyer! They made Chase wear this hat while they sang to him! Then he just kept it on for the rest of dinner! ha ha
Jamie and Kelly also came! It was fun to see them too!

And Autumn and Nick (almost Van Komen)! They are getting married in just a couple weeks! They can't wait!

Then of course Matt and me! ha This boy seriously can't just smile for a picture! This was me trying to make him smile! ha ha


Also here are a couple other pictures from my birthday!
This is my beautiful cake Emily made for me! So so cute!!

These were the adorable cupcakes my friend Bill brought to me at work!

And of course... the AMAZING cupcakes my sweet Matthew made for me! He went over to his sister Shmovels house and she and Camer made sure he did it all by him self! They were seriously adorable and he was so nervous and stressed about them! It was so cute!!

Also, This weekend, Me and Matt are going up to Logan to play with Emily and Colton! We are so excited! Colton is going to be playing hockey with Matt this next season and they both can't wait! And neither can I! I am so excited for Emily to come and sit at all their games with me!!

Have a great day!!

13 April 2010

Lessons Learned...

The past couple days, I have been reminded at how easily rumors get started, and how gossip can really turn nothing in to something.
It can really hurt someone.

If it doesn't concern you, don't say it! Then we can all be happy!

I know I am going to try harder, you should too!

Have a GREAT day!
and always be happy!!

08 April 2010

My Birthday!

So I have really needed to blog about my great 21st birthday, and I have been a serious slacker! ha ha The only picture I have on here, I took from Emily's blog, because the other pictures are on my dads camera.. and I just haven't put them on my computer yet!

But anyway, I had a GREAT birthday!! It started off with working a full day, but work wasn't bad! I had some cup cakes delivered to work from a dear friend, and they were great! Then after work, I went home and PATIENTLY waited for 5:30 to roll around so that Matt would come over, and Emily and Colton would get to my house so we could start our adventure!

Matt would have been over a lot sooner, except he was working on a little project! ha I got a text from him saying, "I am doing something I have never done before, so when you get it, don't make fun of me" I had no idea what he could possibly be doing! But when he got to my house I quickly saw what it was! He made me these adorable cup cakes all by himself!! I was so impressed!
(I'll put pictures up soon!)

After he finally got to my house, Emily and Colton had also gotten there, and we were ready to start our night! We went to gateway and ate at California Pizza Kitchen, then went and saw The Last Song! It was such a fun night! Matt and I really love hanging out with Emily and Colton! They are so much fun!! We sure do love them!!

So thank you everyone who wished me a happy birthday and helped make my day so great!! I love you all!!!!!
I especially love this boy!