22 December 2011

Lauren Ashley Cook

My sister Camille had her fifth baby yesterday, and she is so darling! 

Lauren Ashley Cook 
was born at 5:07pm weighing in at 8 lbs 10 oz and 20 in long. 

I was lucky enough to be there for the birth, I can honestly say I have never experienced such a spiritual, emotional and beautiful event. Their little spirits are so new and it is such a special little moment! 

I was able to photograph everything as it was happening, and some of these pictures are just too sweet not to share..

Congratulations Camille and Mark!! She is darling!! 

05 December 2011

Crazy week!!

This last week has been a little crazy around the Olsen house. We had some interesting events, and also some very fun events. Here is a little look into our hectic-ness... 
First off.. Thursday's windstorm really did a number on our little Kaysville neighborhood. The wind took off a lot of our shingles, almost ripped off our rain gutter and took out many of the trees on our street. :( We lost our power about 7 am Thursday mornings, and didn't get it back until 5 pm the next day. Since then we have had a few outages, but for the most part we are up and running. Thank you to my sweet parents who allowed us to sleep at their house all weekend, until we knew it was safe to come home! Here is my next door neighbors house.. Katie and Tommy had two beautiful big pine trees in the front of their house... and they are now completely gone! 

These are the roots from the two pine trees.. 

The poor trees, laying in the street after being blown over.. When I took these pictures the wind was still VERY strong, and about blew me over! 

This is my sister in law's house. The tree in their backyard fell onto their house.. The boys were so concerned that it was going to fall right into their bedroom. Luckily after lots of help, they got it all cleaned up! 

Also, this is their poor shed... totally demolished. Along with almost their entire fence! 

Even though the wind storm did a lot of damage to our little town, we feel very blessed that we did not get hurt, and that things weren't even worse! 

That same night, my family kept the tradition of visiting the festival of trees. This was our favorite tree... only because it is all about my dad's favorite christmas movie.. A Christmas Story. It was really cute, and we had so much fun being with my family! 

Friday night we were able to go down to the conference center to see Savior of the World. My sister Brittany is in it, and she did a wonderful job! :) 

Finally on Sunday, December 4th, we were able to celebrate Lola's 2nd birthday!! She loves Mickey Mouse, and my talented Sister in law, Camer made this adorable cake! It was perfect, and Lola was so excited about it!! 

When she started opening presents, she would get so excited for each one, and would say in the cutest voice, "Oh My!!" It was adorable! We are so glad we got to spend the evening with little Lolita on her special day! 

After all the presents, she went around and gave everyone a hug she and Izzy are very cute :) 
We had such a great time spending all week long with our families, 
we are so lucky to be apart of them!! 

Sorry for the horrible pictures.. they are all from my phone... rats.