17 June 2014

Best Daddy Ever.

Lucy is so lucky to have Matt as her dad. They are the best of friends and nothing makes me happier. Matt is the sweetest, kindest, most patient, most fun dad I have ever met. He loves to come home from work and play with Lucy, doing whatever it is she wants. He has her addicted to ice cream and she has him wrapped around her finger. We sure love our dad, we think he is the great guy around. 

and nothing like ending a photo shoot with a little popsicle.... that stains your skin. :) 

Oh how I love this sweet babe.

Summer days..

Since I am lucky enough to have summers off work, I have been spending every day with my little Lucy. It is always a little hard to adjust to the "stay at home mom" life, when you are used to waking up at 4am and going all day long until you finally get to go to bed at 10pm. But, once I get used to our schedule, being home with my little lady is the best thing ever! We have been spending our mornings our in the yard watering flowers, playing at the park, and running errands. Lucy loves to "go" any chance she gets. one of my best friends, Katie, has a little boy named Henry who is Lucy's same age, and we have spend most of our days playing with them! We are loving summer and dont want it to go by too quickly! 
These are the days! :)