27 July 2011

Rodeo & Family Camping

This last week was full of lots of fun adventures! 
We hit up the Ogden Pioneer Days Rodeo on Wednesday, It was so much fun! 
except I would get really sad for the cute little calfs that had to get thrown down and tied up :[ 

These little ladies loved to look at the animals!

and of course we had to get some delicious scones :]

We had so much fun going with the whole Olsen clan! 

Then we were off for the weekend to go camping with my family and the Wilkes family! 

Maeby was so excited, and she did so great in the long car ride! 

Our little Maebs was in puppy heaven! She got to play frisbee all day long and run around with the other dogs! 

The only sad part was, all the dogs had an allergic reaction to the weeds at the campsite, and broke out in this awful rash! Maebs has no hair on her belly, so she got it the worst! I was so worried, and was almost willing to pay a lot of money to a pet hospital to make sure she was okay! She was fine, and now that we are home and she has had a bath, she is fine! :]

Of course the best part about camping is all the card playing that goes on! 
I could play screwy louie for days! 

One night, Isabelle was playing with Papa in his tent and was having so much fun smashing her face against the screens! It was so funny! 

We had so much fun, and can't wait to go on more camping trips! 

We are so blessed to have such great families and be able to spend so much time with them! I hope everyone had a great 24th of July! 

15 July 2011

Sunny St George

{Very Long Post... not tons of pictures... you might think its boring, but I had to write it all down!}

This last week, we were able to go down to St. George to spend a week with some of our great friends! 

Saturday we left as soon as Jamie got off work! 
We had to leave Maeby with Matt's parents, and we were very sad, but she loved being an outside dog for a few days! 

On our drive down we hit some crazy weather, and it got to the point where Jamie and I were both screaming because the rain was coming down so hard! 

Once we got there we went grocery shopping, and headed home for the night. 
Sunday We woke up and headed to church, then spent the rest of the day playing lots of card games! :) and stayed up wayyyy too late!

Monday we went swimming and then headed down to Mesquite! 

While we were down there we all went and saw the movie Super 8! 
At the theater we saw this poster for the movie, The Help and had to take a picture!

Most of this vacation Jamie and I spent our time reading this book, and were addicted! Seriously.. I think we enjoyed reading the most of anything!! It is so good.. if you haven't read it yet, you really need to!! 

Then we were off to see the casinos! 
I have never gambled before and decided I wanted to try it just once... So we sat down at some slot machines and I put in $1... It took me a minute before I even allowed myself to do that! 

I must say, out of the total of $6 I spent, I still have no desire to gamble. Jamie on the other hand really enjoyed roulette! :) hahaha 

Tuesday Matt and I and The Jensen's decided to head over to the St. George Temple! 
The Van Komens couldn't get a babysitter for little Alexei, and we sure missed them! 

Because the temple was soooo busy, we decided we would go up and do sealings. It was such a great reminder of those special blessing we have being sealed together for eternity! I was so happy to have the opportunity to do them! 

After the temple we hit up the Outlets... and The boys had more fun shopping than the girls... 

This picture says it all... 

Wednesday we got up and had Crepes (might I just add, it was so great having the Van Komens with us, and Nicks amazing cooking skills! Having a personal Chef is awesome!!!!) Then the VK's had to leave to make it back for the hockey game. We decided to stay one last night and just hang out! 

After playing hide and go seek in the Wal Mart and getting ice cream on the way home, we cleaned up the house and got everything packed. 

Thursday, we got up early and started on our voyage.. lets keep in mind that while we were on the trip, Kelly's air conditioning broke.... Do you know how hot St. George is in the middle of July???? Yikes. 

We stopped at a gas station just outside of Filmore and found these sweet bracelets... 

Friendship Bracelets are awesome!!! haha and yes, Matt is holding Kelly's hand.. 

Then our last request for the trip was to go and visit the UP house! 

How cute is this??? 

Our trip was officially over and we finally made it home!!! So sad to have it be over, but nice to be home!
Thank you Kelly and Jamie for allowing us to come on this trip with you and stay in your house! We all had so much fun and we are so lucky to have such great friends like you!! 
Nick, Autumn and Alexei, I am so glad you guys could come down, even if you had to leave a day early! It was so fun to spend time with everyone and just relax!! 
Lets go on another trip soon! 

**And what better way to end a great vacation, then to go to the temple. We spent Thursday night with The Wilkes family, where we were so lucky to be able to go support Bryan as he went through for the first time! I am so grateful for Temples, and for all the blessings we have because of the ordinances performed there. Congratulations Bryan, this is such a great accomplishment and I am so proud of you!!**

09 July 2011

We're leaving...

and someone is not happy about it... 

poor Maebs... Isn't she the cutest? She always knows when we are about to leave, and she gets so sad. This time we are leaving her for a week!! We haven't ever done that before.. and I am a little nervous about it.. but I can't wait for our trip! 

We'll be home soon Maeby! :) 

06 July 2011

Fourth of July weekend.

The Fourth of July is becoming more of my favorite holiday, each year it comes! 
This year was no different! 

We started the weekend by spending all day Saturday together! 

After getting some yard work and house work done, 
We went to lunch at Pepperbellys :]

Oh how we love living in Kaysville! 

Then later that night I spent some time walking through many of the houses in the Parade of Homes! :]

Once the clock struck midnight we were out to save our spots for the Kaysville Parade on Monday 

Monday, The fourth, was a huge success!! 
We went to the parade, then headed over to The Taylor's for a family BBQ! 

I made a patriotic Fruit Pizza... and there were lots of other patriotic dishes :]

We even rented a snow cone maker and had some snowies to finish off our meals! 

It was so much fun spending the entire day with family and getting to just hang out! I wish we could re live that day over again! 

I hope you all had a fun, safe Fourth of July! :]