20 October 2009

The Pumpkin Patch!!

Our family went to the pumpkin patch for family home evening this week! It was so fun! We were all together and loved every minute of it! Everyday I am more and more grateful for my family! They really are awesome and I am the happiest when I am with them! Here are some of the MANY pictures we took from this adventure!
We were posing for our engagements ha ha ha
We love being sisters!!
My best friends!!
Little baby Courtney and me trying to find her the littlest pumpkin!
Morgan, Spencer, and Jason! They are crazy and so so cute!! I love them!
Our little pumpkin!
Britt and Dean!
Baby Belle and me in her cute pumpkin outfit!

The day was so fun!! They are tons more pictures but I didn't want to bore you all too much! Thanks Jenn for planning such a fun activity! Our family rocks!! :)

15 October 2009

Isabelle Jane..

This little baby is seriously so dang cute! Here are some of my favorite pictures of her.. kinda random.. but I just get so excited every time Jenn sends me a new picture of her!! Ahh.. I love our little Belle!!!
This is in her car seat.. she was kinda grumpy!
Laying on her tummy! She lovesss it!
Isn't she the cutest little pumpkin baby you have ever seen!
Her bouncer! She enjoys chewing on it! ha ha
Her cute little boots!
Her Blessing dress!!
And taking a bath!!

I seriously can not get enough!!!

05 October 2009


So... Ever since I graduated from design school in April, I have kind of been burned out and not as obsessed with design as I once was.. but the obsession is back! All I think about is design and I love it!! Here are just a few things that I have been interested in lately... All of these pictures are from 2 of my favorite designers.. 
1: Candice Olson
In my Rendering and Studio 2 class we had a book that she wrote and ever since I have loved everything she has done! 
2: Liz Wixom
Liz was actually one of my teachers! I had her for my Business of Interior Design class! I love her style! Especially since I know her! It makes you love what she does even more! 
I really like this bedroom.. Mostly the Bed frame.. 
This is like my dream bedroom! I love love love it! 

My Kitchen! ha
And... I love this head board! I used to think almost anything tufted was ugly... but now I am a big fan! 

I know this a way random post.. but its about the only thing that has been on my mind lately! Someone give me a house and I'll go crazy! :)

04 October 2009

What a great week!! :)

This week has been so much fun! Because it was UEA I only had to work 3 days! So Thursday me, my mom, Jennifer, Belle and Brittany all went shopping in Park City! We were there all day and had so much fun together! I love my sisters!! This is a picture of Baby Belle! ha We found this hat and put it on her! We thought she looked so funny and cute! 
Earlier, on Wednesday I got to go over to Clint's moms house and play with her and Baby Courtney! It was so fun! Courtney is getting so big and is so cute!! It was so good to just go and hang out with them! :) 
Also.. Due to my change in attitude.. I have been working on little crafts and things! I put up this shelf today in my bedroom.. I still have to finish a few things but here is what it looks like right now! I need lots of little things to fill my time! ha So these are the types of things I do! 
I am glad that things are getting better and that I have been happier! I have missed being my happy self! I am so glad I have an amazing family and awesome friends who help me! Only a few more months and life will be back to normal again! :) Let the good times roll!