13 May 2014

Day Care Carnival

Since Lucy was 10 weeks old, she has come to the Child Care Center at Syracuse High School. Now that she is a little older, she loves going and looks forward to playing with her friends, and seeing all of her teachers. At the end of each school year they put on a Carnival for all the kids who are in the child care. Last year Lucy was still too little to be able to participate, but this year we were able to take her. She had so much fun seeing her friends and playing all the different games. She even got her face painted like a kitty, and then realized there was something going on her face and tried to wipe it off... which then lead to crying because her hands were dirty. (she is a little bit OCD). She walked around saying "Meow" because she knew she was the cutest little kitten around! Even though being a full time working mom isn't always easy, or fun... I am glad that Lucy has been able to make friends and is so social! That being said... we cannot wait for summer to get here!! 3 more weeks and we will be off for 3 months. Yahoo!

On a sidenote... Lucy's hair ALL fits into a little topnot now. Cutest thing ever.

06 May 2014

May days...

Rather then stressing myself out over catching up on this thing, I am just going to start right where we are at, and slowly add in random things from the last 6 months.
These last few days Lucy has been doing nothing but making my heart burst! She is the sweetest, funniest, happiest little girl and I can't get enough of her. Her vocabulary is growing like crazy and she tries to repeat EVERYTHING we say. (this is both good and bad.... yikes). This weekend, we spent every available minute playing outside. Drawing with chalk, kicking the soccer balls, playing with the dog and going in and out of the playhouse 800 times. I wish I could freeze time and keep Lucy this age forever! Sunday morning, Lucy woke up at 4:25am. Even though I am used to being up at this time, it is always a kicker when it's the weekend. Both Matt and I made our failed attempts at getting her back to sleep, and finally gave in and started the day extra early. Even with Lucy being up so early, and all of us being sleep deprived, she managed to make us laugh and keep us all happy. She is the sweetest. If Matt or I would close our eyes to try to get a minute or two of "sleep" She would immediately kiss us on the cheek to wake us up. Who can be mad about that? We are loving every second with her and I can hardly wait for summer time when I get to be with this little babe 24/7!
Spring has been so good to us!