22 July 2014


A couple months ago, Matty boy surprised me with tickets to Wicked. He has seen it before, but I never had and I have been wanting to go forever! I was so excited to spend a night out in SLC with my favorite boy and see a show I have been dying to see for years! It did not disappoint. We loved it so much! We were lame and didn't ask anyone to take our picture in front of the theater or anything. There were so many others doing that, and it was causing quite the traffic jam, we didn't want to contribute. So we took some sneaky selfie's in the theater, even though it was against the rules! Woops. It was such a great night and I wish we could go again!

Isn't he so handsome?? 

Random pictures & Cherry Hill

Lucy is one of the funniest kids I have ever met. She is always coming up with something. She is the best little mama to her babies and is sure to always have one in tow. She is also really into wearing this conductor hat, and anytime she sees it she puts it on. We love this little girl so much! A few Sunday's ago, I had asked my mom to take some pictures of my family, and this was the best we got. haha She is really tech savy, obviously. Also, the day before Matt and I headed to Trek, I decided to take Lucy to Cherry Hill for a fun day at the pool with some friends. This year we didn't end up getting a pass because we had so much other things going on. But she loved it so much and we will for sure be going back a few more times before I head back to work. 

4th of July

The 4th of July is a family favorite around here. We spend the morning at the Kaysville parade, then head over to Shmovels house for the most delicious lunch. We spend the rest of the day playing outside, laughing more than we're used to and eating as many snowies as possible. We like to joke that Shmovels house on the fourth, is like a circus. Everyone brings their different "toys" and there are always rides. Between the 3-wheeler, the moped and the tandem bike, everyone was having fun. This year once lunch was over, and we were all melting in the heat, a huge water fight broke out. You'd think it was the kids that started it, but no no, it was in fact the adults that got real serious about it. I managed to stay dry, because I had dubbed myself the "cell phone keeper" but Matt on the other hand was soaked all the way through. I dont think we have laughed so hard or had more fun in a long time! I think we might have to make it a new tradition. 

After the party Matt and I headed home to get cleaned up just in time to head to Salt Lake to go to the REAL game. We both love going to these games and we had so much fun. At the end of the game, they put on the best firework show I have EVER seen. It was so fun to spend a night with my guy. Happy 4th of July!

Park Day & Splash Pad

Lucy could live outside, if I let her. So we try to go to the park as much as we can. We love going to Ellison Park in Layton, because we can play on the toys for a while until it gets hot, then head over to the splash pad. Lucy and her friend Henry have so much fun together. His mom and I are already arranging a marriage. :)

Zoo Day

Since I only have a total of 8 weeks in the summer to be a stay at home mom, we try to make the most of the time we have away from work and day care. My sisters and I decided to plan a fun day to the zoo, and Lucy loves seeing all the "an-mals" and playing with her cousins. We had a great time together and lucy keeps begging to go back. 

I sure love being this girls mama.