24 January 2012

Maeby Jane

I know this blog has been totally boring lately... but to be honest, nothing has really been going on in our lives! School started again so Matt spends most of his time studying.. and I mean literally almost ALL of his time. If we are home, his nose is in a book... I only have one class this semester because of scheduling conflicts, but I am trying not to be upset about it. Err.. I hate not being a full time student. So we are very boring! Hopefully we will have some sort of exciting or fun news to share eventually! Then maybe this blog can come back to life.
In the mean time.. Here are some pictures of Maeby in the last couple weeks. She is so funny, her little personality kills me. In the mornings she likes to be held like a baby while you scratch her belly... and mostly just snuggle up however she can! Because Matt has been so busy with school and studying, she has been going through withdrawls... She trys to get his attention whenever possible!

After we go on walks, she gets really tired... haha

And poor Maebs is not used to having carpet under the couch... She can't slide under as easily since its not wood floor anymore... The other day she went under to get her ball, and got stuck! She stayed like this for about 10 minutes until I could get her out! haha

Like I said.. She is DESPERATE for Matt's attention.. any way possible!

So I appoligize for not having anything exciting to read about or look at... but these pictures of my pup make me happy, so hopefully they will make you happy too!
Have a great day!

09 January 2012


Many of you know Sleepless in Seattle is my all time favorite movie.. and I catch myself quoting it all too often... but I think the title of this blog couldn't be any more perfect...
"M.F.E.O... what does that mean?... Made for each other."

While we were moving over the holiday break, I was going through a few things and came across my yearbooks from good ol' Clearfield High... Boy were those good times! :)
Anyway, in my yearbook from my sophomore year I found this little entry from the one and only Matthew Shawn Olsen.

haha... So the last part might be a little inappropriate but it was a little inside joke the two of us had! But through all those years of High School, and even after I graduated I sure whish I would have known all along that he and I would be married someday... It would have saved me a lot of stress! :)

I am so lucky to be married to my sweet little Matthew.
I couldn't imagine my life any other way!

04 January 2012

My Blog Absence...

I haven't been a very good blogger... 
even Matt has noticed... and commented about it,
but I have an excuse. 
and it's semi good...

We have been moving. :( We left our adorable home in Kaysville and we are now in Syracuse. It has seriously been very emotional for me... which is why I haven't even brought it up. 

Once we are a little more settled I will fill you all in on the life of the Olsen's. 

Happy New Year! 

ps. I got a slightly disturbing phone call today. Someone who knew mine and Matt's names and our phone numbers... We are not sure how they got our information but it has me thinking that too much of our life is out there for anyone to see and that frightens me a bit. So this blog may be heading private very shortly. I'll keep you all updated.