28 February 2009

Week of Concerts!! & LOTS OF PICTURES!

What are the chances of going to TWO amazing concerts, both in the same week! It is pretty slim, but I was lucky enough to have the experience!! So My week started off by going to the Celine Dion concert with my sister Camille. This was my 2nd time seeing her! I was able to go for my senior trip with all of my friends, and see her show in Vegas two  years ago, but then I got to go again when she was in Utah this last week! It was kinda of a sad story though.. Brittany had purchased the tickets when it was supposed to be in November, but then it had to be rescheduled and Britt lives in Hawaii now, so couldn't go! :( But me and Camille took the
 tickets gladly!
Camille and me at the concert! 

Camille making a funny face! ha
Seeing Celine in Vegas with my friends 2  years ago! 

Then after an eventful few days filled with my daily drama.... (what a week... seriously!) I was able to go see Rascal Flatts with my dear friend Alysia!! This was also my 2nd time seeing them! Clint took me 2 years ago for Valentines day! Which made this year a little sad, because both of us have boys on missions and we were feeling a little down... but once the music started, and we started dancing, we had such a good time!! We were going camera crazy, and laughing our heads off at all the ladies who had a little too much to drink! We were lucky enough to sit on the ROW 12, and be right up next to the stage!! It was so so fun!! Gary totally winked at me! :) ha ha.. I can for sure say that it was just what I needed to cheer me up after a rough week! But here are a lot of pictures, I hope you enjoy them as much as I do! 

Clint and me two years ago at Rascal Flatts! 9th row!
Jessica Simpson... She opened for them! 
Look how close we were! It was so fun!! 
All the boys! :)
Can you tell we are excited!! 
I was noticing some strange dance moves from a girl in front of us.. ha ha 
Wrist band=Floor seats! 
mmm... I don't really know! 
We love Rascal Flatts! 
YAY! :)
Practically standing on the stage! 
Me and Alysia! 

14 February 2009

A Weekend in Mt. Green!

So I know it has been forever since I have posted anything! And I always say that I am going to be better at posting, but life really is just so busy! I can't believe how fast time goes during the semester! So nothing is really new, school and work are the same.. just getting through both of them one day at a time! :) But a couple of weekends ago I was able to go stay up at my old cheer advisors house for the weekend, and watch her kids while she and her husband were in Hawaii! It was so fun! I can't believe how big her kids are getting! Alixann was just a brand new baby when I was cheering, and Bode hadn't even been born yet! Crazy!!! But anyway, I know this is a short post, but here are some pictures of the cute kids!! I am so glad I got to be with them for the whole weekend up at their home in Mt. Green! It was so much fun to be able to watch them, and I can't wait to be able to do it again! I literally cried when I had to leave them! Alixann was sad that I was leaving, and she started crying, so then I started crying! I love being able to play with kids and getting to see their cute personalities! It makes me so excited to be able to be a mom one day! I can't wait to have kids of my own to take care of!! I am always so happy to watch anyones kids! I get to watch the Talbot's little boys every so often, and I love doing that too! I am so happy that they trust me so much to stay with their kids for the weekend! Thank you to everyone who lets me tend their kids!! I love doing it! 

Alixann and Bode!