30 September 2010

latest adventures.

 Last Friday I was sitting at work, when I got a message from Matt that said,
 "would you like to go on a date tonight?"
I of course said yes, and even though he tried to keep it a surprise... 
I made him tell me. 
We were going to the circus!
Ringling Brother and Barnum & Bailey!

Part of Matt's plan was to take the frontrunner down to Salt Lake, I hadn't been since it was brand new, so I thought it also sounded like a great idea! 
 Matt wanted to make sure to get their early so we could go to the pre-show!
I am so glad we did, it was so fun! 
Here is the sweetest little elephant, she is painting a picture! 
seriously the cutest thing I have ever seen.
 Then there were these very tall men on stilts, doing lots of tricks, they would walk over people and stand on one leg, it was crazy! 

 Also, because we went to the pre-show, we got these great clown noses! :]
 The circus was great, and what made it even better, is Matt got us a big bag of kettle corn, and of course we had to get some dippin' dots! 
dippin, dippin, dippin, dippin, dippin, dippin, dots. 

 Once it was over, we hopped on tracks and headed back to get on frontrunner........ 
except we missed our train! :[ 
I thought we were going to be stuck in salt lake all night long, and almost started crying! 
After doing some research, we found out if we waited about an hour and a half, another train would come and we could finally get home! 

It was late. I was tired. I know this is picture is horrible, 
but I dont think you understand how bad I wanted to be home! 
We finally made it home, and it turned out to be a G R E A T evening! 
Then tonight, Matt and I had plans to go to the temple. 
I got home a little later then planned, 
and we decided it would be better 
to go on a night when we had more time, so we wouldn't feel rushed.
So instead... 
we went to Gateway! 

of course we had to take the frontrunner again, 
and this time was a big success! 
and so was the shopping! 

My adorable Matthew and our treasures! 
We both got new Toms! 
I feel like we need to get them together, 
if you remember we both wore them
for our engagement pictures,
 and I even wore mine on our 
wedding day!
 We loveee them, and were very
excited to get more! 
 neither of us can hardly wait to wear them to work tomorrow! :]

To sum everything up, 
we have been having lots of fun together,
 and being married is the greatest thing that could 
have ever happened to us! 
We are both very busy with school, 
but it's much better going through it all together! 

I can't wait for all the adventures to come! 

on a sidenote-
Matt is leaving me for the first time
this weekend. 
its only one night... 
but i hope i survive. 

23 September 2010

Emotional Breakdown...

Lets just say I've been a little stressed.
This semester, I have taken on quite the class load:
Microbiology, Chemistry, Math 1010, Political Science
and Library Science.
This is also the first semester where I have been
working full time, and going to school full time.
I have lost all motivation, and have been the worlds worst student,
which is not good considering everything I just mentioned..
I am failing tests (which is actually pretty normal for me, but not the way I am now)
I am neglecting my homework, and I 'd really just like to drop out!
As Matt and I were walking out of the "hub" , after taking math quizes and exams, I lost it.
I started bawling right there on Campus in the middle of the sidewalk. I didn't want to class, I couldn't handle it, and I couldn't handle all the stress of everything! AHHH!
So after sitting in the car and crying for about ten minutes, Matt and I decided to just go home. But on the way, he took me to get a Sonic Cream Slush, that I wanted, and a bag of Sonic Ice! Two of my favorite things!
He really can always make me happier.

I started to cheer up after we got the treat, and I couldn't wait to get home!
Emily and Colton came over to watch
survivor, modern family and cougar town!

we had dinner, watched our shows, and me and Emily went grocery shopping!
My bad day ended much better, but the stress is still there!

Maybe this fiasco will help FINALLY motivate me
to be the 4.0 student I used to be!

21 September 2010

Lola Emme Call

Yesterday, Matt and I got to babysit this little gem! :)
She is so cute!
She used to be a really sad baby, she cried lots and never felt very good,
but now, she is as happy as ever, and seriously so dang cute!

She lovesssss her blankey! It makes her so happy!
she puts it up to her face and then slowly uncovers her eyes ha ha
She liked pulling all the DVD out of the tv stand (if you can see in the back)
Lola can sure make a mess, but she doesn't seem to mind!
Then after playing with the DVD's for a while, she and Matt played with the Dominos!
She kept putting them in her mouth, and it scared the crap out of me because she can almost fit the whole thing in there!
dont worry.. no choking occurred
Our night with miss Lolie ended with a longboarding trip around the neighborhood.. Matt got some strange looks... people thought it was weird to see him pushing a stroller, while on a longboard. and of course people just stare at me because I look ridiculous on the thing... I am still learning! ha

It was a very fun evening! I hope we get to watch her again soon!

E M I L Y . . .

do you remember how fun this day was...
and this day....
when their love for each other really started to develop? :]
and that day we came to logan and went swimming, took a nap, watched some greece, and walked to cheveron?
Lets please play soon.. it has been far too long...
i know it hasn't even been a week yet, but it feels like eternity
and when i say play... I mean really do something exciting... invloving planning.
pumpkin patch? corn maze? frighmares? ooo what about four wheeling?
Thes are just some ideas I had...
L E T S B O N D :]

16 September 2010

Happy Birthday Ambyer!

Today is Ambyer's FIRST Birthday!

She is so dang cute, and so much fun!!

and she really likes hard wood floors... they're slippery!

Her parents are great, and we just love their whole family!!

Happy birthday Ambyer!

Me and "Uncle Nut" love you very much!

14 September 2010

one whole month.

As of Sunday,
Matt and I have been married one month!

I can't even believe it..
it seems like it has only been days, but at the same time..

it feels like we have been married for years!

I like to think thats a good thing!

One month down.. forever to go!


13 September 2010

A few of my favorite things...

Crafts and Treats!!!
{ Oh and Family time! :) }

This last Saturday, my sister Jen and I decided to have a craft day!
We talked about making wreaths a long time ago, and finally did it!

We decided we wanted to make a fall wreath, and a Halloween wreath!
We weren't sure how they would turn out, but we thought they were pretty cute!
My mother decided to Join us last minute, so she ran to the store and got more supplies and came back!
of course hers were thrown together the fastest, and turned out the best!

Here is my fall wreath
All of the Fall wreaths, mine is on top
(I did mine little because well.. we have a tiny house!)
Then it goes, Jen's, Camille's, and my mothers!
we made one for Camille since she couldn't join us...
Now onto my favorite wreaths..
The Halloween ones!

This is mine..
And my mothers in the middle (of course the best one) and then Jen's!
We had such a fun day! I can't wait to do another craft!!
Onto another one of my favorite activities...
making treats!
I can't cook very well... but baking is not a problem!

I made these cookie sticks as a house warming gift for
Emily and Colton!
[if you didn't know.. I am very very excited they live down here now!]
Then I made these delicious treats for a birthday at my work!
I've got a few other cookie recipes I can't wait to try!
If they turn out well, I'll be sure to share them with everyone!

Have a great day!

10 September 2010

Good thing...

It is a dang good thing he is my husband.
Sometimes I have little freak out moments
or get really frustrated or irritated with things or people...
and if it wasn't for him..
I'd be in a crazy house!
Thank you Matt for keeping me calm.
I really do appreciate it!
I love you!

[marrying you was the best decision I ever made.]