14 November 2013

Family Pictures

We were lucky enough to have Jena Hendry take our family pictures back in August. She is definitely the sweetest, most genuine, most patient, most awesome photographer and I am so happy with how all our pictures turned out! I am so in love with my sweet little family, and feel so blessed to call them mine each and every day!

03 October 2013

St. George Weekend

This last weekend, We went on a short little vacation to St. George, UT with Matt's parents and two of his sisters and their families, to stay in Matt's uncle's house. Frit was in town for a few days to finish getting her house cleaned and ready to rent out, so we took advantage of it and had family dinner on Thursday. Once the dinner came to an end, Matt and I loaded Lucy into the car and headed on our way. We knew that Lucy would not be too excited about sitting in her car seat for 5 hours, so we chose to drive during bed time. We left Shmovels house in Kaysville around 8pm, and rolled into St. George about 1am. Matt had 5 tests this week so he studied on the way down while I drove (half way). Once we got to the house we had to unload everything and try to get Lucy back down. My child is one that ONLY sleeps in HER crib, in HER bedroom, so I wasn't sure how this was going to work. The first night she didn't sleep much at all, which means we didn't sleep either. However the next two nights she slept the entire night! What a blessing!

The first day there, Matt went on his first Mountain Biking ride with Zann, they finally came back home SIX hours later with scratches, bruises and sore muscles. While they were gone, Camer and I hung out with the babies, went to the pool and played on the swing set. Later that night Shmovel and her family arrived. We sat around talking, playing yahtzee and the boys accidently firing a really old gun in the house. (Long story, was definitely NOT funny at the time, but is kinda funny now). A broken window and a repainted kitchen table later, we spent our entire day Saturday playing outside. After packing up the house and cleaning up on Sunday we all headed home. It was a quick trip, but a memorable one. I hope that we do it again soon!

(Sidenote, I have been TERRIBLE at taking pictures lately. All of these on the blog are from my cell phone, and they were usually last minute thoughts, I really need to be better at documenting things.)


Even though our Cougars played a pretty pathetic football game against the Utes, we are still proud to be BYU fans. Lucy is the cutest little fan I know. :)

Frit's Special Day

The night before Frit and Timmy's very special day we all spent the evening celebrating with a few close 400 friends at a BBQ. Frit served delicious food, soft serve ice cream, cotton candy and snow cones. All my favorite things. The next morning we all headed to the beautiful, Bountiful temple where we were able to be apart of their perfect sealing. Timmy was married before and after many many years of battling cancer, his sweet wife passed away leaving the most darling son Alex. We are so lucky to have not only gotten a new brother in law but a new nephew too! It was such a perfect day. Frit and Tim are so in love and we are all so happy they found each other. In true Frit (& Tim) fashion, she felt that it was only natural to send the entire family on a little weekend vacation to park city, while they left on their honeymoon. So not only were we able to spend the day together for the wedding, we got to spend the next day all together hanging out and making memories in PC. Without going into too much detail, I dont know that I have laughed so hard in my entire life. :)