27 October 2015


We are getting ready to go on our trip to see my parents! Our passports all came in the mail a few weeks ago and it made me more excited to go! We are counting the days!! 

We enjoyed conference weekend, as usual. The talks were all so inspiring and I really loved every single one. The older I get the more I appreciate the opportunity to hear our prophets speak at conference. It is such a special weekend, and I always learn so much! 

Matt got a new job at Tab Bank, as a program manager. He is really excited about it and looking forward to all the great opportunities that will come with it. Between finishing his time at SIG and starting at TAB we had a few days to hang out with him. We took the girls swimming and had so much fun! Lucy is a fish and didn't want to get out of the water. It was so fun spending a few days together! 

 After Lucy's first experience with food poisoning, she had her first birthday party to attend! Elsa came to the party and painted all the girls faces, each of them dressed up as a princess and it was the best day ever for her! She is still talking about it. On that same day, Dottie also had her first haircut! At 7 months, her hair HAD to be trimmed. She was growing strands that were quite a few inches long, so we trimmed it up into a cute little bob! Now I dont have to comb knots out of it every single second of every single day! :) 

 Lucy has been asking me for a few weeks now, to go and buy some pumpkins so our house will be all ready for Halloween! So two weeks ago we went to Packs Pumpkin Patch with Henry and Katie and found some adorable pumpkins for our house! Lucy loved picking out the pumpkins, riding the tractors and of course, hanging out with  Henry. She has so much fun, which made it worth it, because it was A LOT of work for me to do all by myself. Carrying a baby, a diaper bag, picking pumpkins and walking all over the dirt in the hot sun, wasn't exactly convenient. But she loved every minute, so I would do it over again and again! 

Lucy loves to make "beds" on the floor in the family room to watch movies together. So we hauled out every pillow and blanket we could find to watch a movie together. Lucy also decided on day that she wanted to start carrying Dottie on her shoulders. It sure is cute,  but a workout for whichever adult is holding dottie on. haha 

This sweet baby is kind of a tricky one. She really struggles with sleep and really struggles to take a bottle. Matt finally got her to drink a bottle a few nights ago and it was a serious miracle! Hopefully she will keep doing it. But even though she hardly sleeps, is a total mamas girl and always wants to be held, she is so so cute and when she is happy, she is so happy! We are so glad she is apart of our family! 


More days spent at the zoo! One day we decided to head to the zoo with Katie and Henry. Lucy and Henry are the cutest little friends and play so well together. Which works out great for Katie and me. We get to hang out while the kids play! 

 Lucy's personality is just getting better and better. She loves to get herself dressed. Often wearing multiple layers! She also loves copying everything I do... so she has recently taken up "nursing" her baby dolls. Some people think it is weird, but I think it is so funny! She is such a good little mommy to all of her babies, and such a great big sister to Dottie! 

 Dottie's personality is also growing! She is becoming happier and loves being right in the middle of everything. She totally loves Lucy and watcher her every move! I hope they are best friends as they continue to grow! 

 Since I am not working anymore, I have had the opportunity to return to favor to so many who helped watch my kids while I was working. So we have been lucky enough to have the Calls over a couple of times. Lucy and Crosby play so well together and are best friends, and I hope Sylvie and Dottie will be best friends too! They are so interested in each other, but can't play yet. It has been fun to have friends over!! 

 Lazy Saturday mornings are what we do best! 

At the end of the month, my cousin Christie got married! she had a beautiful wedding up at Sundance and all of my siblings were able to go! We left the kids home (except Dottie, because she wont take a bottle) and were able to enjoy each others company. It is amazing how much we can talk about when we aren't being interrupted every five minutes by a little person! :) It was fun to dress up and have a night out with Matt, hopefully one day soon we will be able to go on dates again, without any children! :) 


We have taken advantage of nice days and our Zoo membership. Lucy loves going to the zoo so much, she never gets sick of it. She loves seeing all the animals and loves riding the merry go round. It has been fun to spend so much quality time with my girls now that I have quit working. I have loved spending all day every day with my two very favorite ladies. 

 Dottie just keeps growing like crazy! We sure love her! 

 A couple of my cute friends in Kaysville decided to have a back to school party to finish off summer and since so many of our kids were going to elementary or preschool this year, it was a great excuse to party! Lucy had so much fun playing, eating pizza and getting her face painted. And I always enjoy time to hang out with friends! 

Lazy mornings are a usual thing around these parts. 

 Matt also turned 28!! 
Lucy and I amde him some cards and wrapped his presents, she couldn't wait for him to get home to open them. Because Matt was applying for a new job we decided to get him some new clothes and shoes for work. I think he liked his gifts! Can't believe how old we are getting. It is crazy to think that I have known Matt since he was just 15!! Sure glad I met him all the way back then! :)

Matt doesn't love cake, but LOVES ice cream. So this is how we celebrated! He was happy! 

 At the end of the month Lucy started dance class. She goes once a week and has totally loved it. She loves practicing all the things she learned and I love seeing her cute little body in a leotard! :) It is also so cute watching her dance and following her teacher. I cannot wait until her recital!