28 May 2009

Wonderful News!!

Drum roll please............... I GOT MY INTERNSHIP!!!!
No one else probably thinks this is as exciting as I do.. but I have been waiting forever to hear back from Miya Design and Interiors about being an intern for them this summer! So today I gave them another phone call to follow up, and Lori, the owner, was so so nice and sounded excited for me to come work for them. She is so willing to work with my crazy schedule and I am so happy! This takes so much stress off of life! I am so happy! I hope I will do a good job, and I can remember all my Interior Design knowledge??? if I have any... ha ha But anyway.. I am just so happy I thought I would share with everyone! If any of you need some designing advice over the summer be sure to come visit me at Miya Design in Syracuse! :)

26 May 2009

Memorial Day!

Every year for memorial day my family goes up to Morgan to visit all the Francis graves! I love going up there! It is so pretty and I mostly love just being with my family! This year it was a little sad because it was the first year since my grandpa passed away, but it is so good to know he is with his sweet wife again! And the rest of his family! :) Anyway, after we went up the the cemetery we all came back to my house for a BBQ! It was so fun to just hang out as a family and all be together! At one point all of my siblings were all home at the same time! That doesn't happen very much, so when it does it is really fun! :) But here are some pictures! I hope everyone had a good weekend! The Family! :) All we are missing is Jeff & Aimee, and Camille and her family!
All of us showing our pregnant tummies!.. although Jenn's is the only one that is Legit!
Ry Ry and Me! 
Behind my Grandparents headstone! 

21 May 2009

I "Tri"...

I did it!! I can't believe I really finished! This last weekend me and my sister Brittany ran the Woman of Steel Triathlon! It was so fun! It started off with a short 300 meter swim, then a 12.5 mile bike ride, and then finished with a 3.2 mile run. The hardest part for me was the transition from the bike to the run, because my body was so confused! ha ha.. but overall it wasn't too bad and it was SOO much fun! I can't wait to be in another one! I didn't know I would like being in a race so much! I plan to run a few more races this summer! Here are just a couple of pictures my mom took! It was so fun to have her come and watch! Also, thank you Jennifer for letting me and Britt sleep at your house the night before the race! You are the best! :)

This one is for you Brandi! ha ha.. I just finished my swim and was off to find my bike! and this is my sweet hot pink swim cap! 
This is during my bike... don't I just look so happy! ha
And the run... This was actually the part I was looking forward to most! 
This is after the race! Me and Britt are showing off our muscles while we hold our bikes up high! ha ha

09 May 2009

New Babies!

Seth and Heidi had their sweet little girl tonight! Courtney Kay Waddoups! I am sure they will post lots of pictures and tell all about her on their blog, but I just wanted to tell them congratulations! She is a beautiful baby and licks her lips like a lizard! :) I am so happy she is here finally! Seeing her made me so excited for my sister Jennifer and her husband Dave to have their baby in just a couple months!! I am so lucky to have sisters who have babies! ha I love it!! 
Happy Mothers Day to all of you moms out there!! I can't wait to be a mom one day! I hope my mom knows how much I love her! I am so lucky to have a mother who has always taught me what is right, and has stood by me in my hardest times! She is always concerned about me and only wants the best for me! I couldn't ask for anyone better than my mommy!! 

Happy Mothers Day Mama Francis! I love you! 

08 May 2009

So... I am a little late..

I am sorry it has taken me so long to post about my trip to Hawaii to visit Brittany! Once I got back from my trip I had to start working full time at the school, and I have been so tired! ha It sounds so pathetic but i really do think it is easier to go to school full time and work, rather than just work full time! ha ha But my trip was a blast!! I didn't want to come home! Each morning started early with breakfast in Britt's apartment, then swim suites were put on and off we went! We spent our time sailing, at the PCC and Pearl Harbor, hiking to and jumping off waterfalls, running, swimming in the OCEAN, surfing, shopping, listening to whales, eating shave ice and watching Korean soap operas! ha ha.. It was a very relaxing, fun filled trip and I was so happy to be with my sister!! Here are a few pictures! I hope you like them!

PS. my triathlon is next Saturday! I am pretty sure I might die! Wish me luck! I am REALLY scared!!! I will let you all know how it goes!