28 February 2011

Sunday Night.

What did you do on Sunday night?

We spent ours cutting Matt's hair!

 Since Matt went on his mission, he has been cutting his own hair.
Last night he decided he was done having long hair and wanted to cut it all off again.
He was nice enough to let me help a little!

So now it's all gone, and he looks like a little military boy
but I think its adorable.

Now we just need Summer to go along with this short hair! :)

25 February 2011

February 25.

Happy Birthday
to my sweet mother!

I hope your day is great! Thank you for everything you have done for me! You are the greatest!
I love you!

24 February 2011


100 Days Until Summer Break.
66 Actual School/Work Days.
14 Weeks.

I can hardley wait.

 last summer couldn't have been better...

but this year..
Is going to be the best summer yet. I just know it!

22 February 2011

I can't move.

Last night at the gym I did two classes in a row.
Body pump
which is basically non stop arms.. with a bar... with different weights on it.
Body Attack.
which is running/aerobics/jumping/squats/kicks... the list goes on
needless to say my ankle was a bit sore.

both great classes, I loved them, but I am definitely out of shape!

Killer. My arms are shot, and my legs are tight.
Seemed like a good idea at the time. and it was..
but I am definitely dealing with it today.

I wish it was the weekend again.

18 February 2011

Season Pass Holder.

Thats right, Matt and I are now season pass holders of
Seven Peaks Salt Lake
it used to be raging waters.

Along with our season pass we got all sorts of game tickets to:
Real Salt Lake
Utah Blaze
Rocky Mountain Raceways

I can't wait to go swimming every day!!
I have the best job.. I dont work AT ALL in the summer and still get a pay check :)

So I'll be spending most my days lounging by the pool and going down water slides!
I wont even mind going by myself most times.
anyone who wants to join me is more then welcome
Although, I am sure Emily will take as much time off as she can so she can join me!

Summer Please get here soon.

Happy Weekend! :)

15 February 2011

Valentines Day.

Remember last Valentines Day? 
Matt really out did himself. 

This year was nothing less! :) 

Small sidenote: Before I tell you the details of our day, it is important that you all know that Matt doesn't have a car. We are a one car family, and I am the one who drives it to work and everything. My sweet husband takes the bus or his long board everywhere. 
ok, continuing... 

I got home from work, and matt had not made it there yet.. So I just hungout and played with Maeby for a little bit! 
Matt finally walked in the door carrying these beautiful flowers and his long board :) 

He had to take the bus and his long board all around to pick up my flowers! 
i thought it was adorable. 

Then we were off to get Sushi! 

We dropped of Maebs at Frats house and the three of us went to dinner! 




It was delicious! :) 
We headed back to Frats, made a stop at the local Petco, and got some Ice Cream from Maggie Moos! 

It was such a great night! I love Matthew so much, he is the best Valentine I could ask for! :) 

12 February 2011


As of today
We have been married for six months

Time is going by so fast and life has never been better!! 

{best day of my life! I wish we could relive it!}

I love being married, and I am so glad that Matt is my husband! 
He truly is my best friend and makes me happier than anyone! 

Thank heavens we are sealed for Eternity! 
We have six months down, and forever to go!! :) 

A little recap of the last 6 months as The Olsens:

August:  South Carolina!
 September: Circus!
 October: Black Island Farms!
 November: Thanksgiving!
 December: Got our new puppy, Maeby!
December: Christmas!
 January: Flowrider! 

We have had lots of fun adventures, and I am so excited to see what comes next! :]

Happy Valentines [& 6 month] weekend! 

08 February 2011

Eye Lashes.

I got these babies done yesterday.
I am in heaven!! 

No eye make up required and I am good to go! :)  

04 February 2011

He is cute.

As I am sitting here studying..
{i am taking my CAAP test in the morning :( puke.}

he is keeping me company by doing this... 

NHL is probably his 3rd love...
next to me and Maeby of course :]

Wish me luck in the morning! I am going to need it! 

Have a great weekend! 

03 February 2011

Happy New Year!

{Chinese New Year!}

Matt's sister Frit, and her roommate Kristafer hosted a great new years party tonight. 
We celebrated Chinese new year with the whole Olsen clan. 

They had delicious food, games and everyone dressed up! 

[thank you Choi for the authentic Chinese wear! we sure appreciate it]

[look at these cute babies! Lola loves getting her picture taken, and Mitt is the happiest child I know!]

Thanks for throwing such a great party and letting us celebrate, the year of the rabbit, together!

Happy Chinese New Year!

01 February 2011

My cousin is famous.

so my adorable cousin Nate just made his first CD.
this kid is a walking miracle. you have no idea!
He is just starting out, and is trying to just get some feedback about what people think of his music.

you can listen to him by going HERE.

He wrote all the songs,  is the singer, and does almost all the instrumentals..

Check him out! :]