29 June 2010

Cross your fingers!!!!

This is where we want to live REALLY bad!!!
Its tiny but perfect for us! :)
It will need some new paint, but I have a degree in that sort of thing, so I'm not too worried!
We just have to wait for the realtor to call us back!

Everyone cross your fingers that we get to live in this little home!
I love it!!!

21 June 2010

August 12, 2010

This is where I'll be on that date! :)
And I can't wait!!!!
So the story of how it all happened...
Matt and I almost ALWAYS go to Santa Monica on Friday nights before his hockey games.. it is our favorite place to go! So on this particular Friday night, Matt's sister and her husband asked if we wanted to go with them! It sounded like a great idea! and was nothing out of the ordinary!
So we went to dinner and after we had gotten done eating, we were all just sitting there talking and then I realized that mine and Matt's song was playing over the speakers! It is not a very popular song and no body knows it, so I was surprised that it would be playing there!
Matt was waiting for me to say something about the fact that our song was playing, but since we were with Camer and Zann I didn't want to make a big deal of it.. I just smiled at him and kept going on with our conversation.. So after a few looks were exchanged... Matt got down on his knee, said the nicest things, and then asked me to marry him! It was so excited, I couldn't believe it ha ha
This is right when he pulled out the ring..
we both look ridiculous.. ha ha

I was admiring it and Matt was giving me all the details!
ha ha He had quite the sales pitch!
We are really getting married!! :)

And here you have it folks... The soon-to-be,
Only 8 more weeks!
Sounds really soon.. and there is soooo much to do...
But It couldn't come soon enough! :)

15 June 2010

Emily Dawn. . . .

Today, June 16th is my SB's Birthday!

Emily has been my best friend F O R E V E R!!!
Thank goodness :)

Thanks for everything Sugar! I hope your day is Wonderful!!!
I know you'll be very happy once little Colty arrives home.. Finally!

We thought these were some of the best days of our lives...

Until we had days like this.....
I can't wait for all the fun times ahead!! :)

Happy 21st Birthday Emily Dawn!!
I love you!

12 June 2010

I said Yes!!!

Matt FINALLY did it!!
Last night, June 11, 2010 Matthew Shawn Olsen asked me to spend Eternity with him!!

I still can't believe I am getting married!!
It all just feels like a dream!

He was so sneaky, and I didn't expect it at all! He finally got the guts to ask my dad this last week, and once that was over all he had to do was pop the question!
I have never been so happy in my whole life!

Once I get the pictures from him asking me, I'll post those along with the cute story!
He is just so adorable! I am so lucky I get to marry someone like Matt! He is going to make such a great husband, and an amazing father one day!

I am so excited for all the adventures to come!!

Have a wonderful day! :)