28 June 2011

This makes me happy..

This last week, I started working with a new Client. 
I am re designing his dental office, updating it, and making it a little more modern. 

I went to my moms house yesterday to get all of my drafting tools and my rendering markers....
I almost cried getting it all out, because there are so many great memories attached to them. I met some of the most amazing people while in design school and I would do it all over again! 

I have missed this so much, and forgot how happy it makes me! Drawing elevations and floor plans, wanting to jump up and down over a color scheme... it is all so rewarding! I love interior design, and I am so grateful for the education I received in this field. 

Its good to be back :]

27 June 2011

I love being an Olsen

This last weekend, we got to spend lots of time with the Olsen family. 

It all started Thursday at Boondocks!! 
Gram decided to take everyone to boondocks, again, to have a little family reunion. 
We love going, and we had so much fun being with our family! 

Huffstetler Family Reunion

Then Saturday, we spent all day at Syracuse Heritage Days. 
We went to the Parade, then spent a lot of time at the Park. 
Our niece Ella was performing, and so we got to watch her, She did great! 
not to mention while we were there we had 3 snowies! :) 

Yesterday, it was our turn to go to Debbies for dinner! 
After we had a delicious meal, we spent the whole evening outside! 
We played 4 square, and croquet! 

I love being a Francis, and love my family more than anything.. 
but I am so glad I married into such a fun family! :) I love being an Olsen! 

21 June 2011

My home.

I know I have said this before, but I just have to say it again, 
I love our little house, and I love where we live! 

Yesterday morning I woke up with the urge to sew. 
I love sewing, and haven't made anything for quite a while... 
So I called my mom and we went to the fabric store 
(she is an excellent seamstress and could literally make anything! She knows tons about fabrics, patterns and design.. 
So I knew I needed her to go with me!)

I have been wanting to make some pillow covers for quite a while.. but was having a hard time choosing fabric... But yesterday I finally made the purchase and I couldn't be happier! 

I got home, set up the machine and got right to work! I made 5 pillows in about 2 hours and wanted to make more! So, I used my scraps to make a Small table runner/place mat. 

Here are my final products: 

 this pillow is double sided, and has some beads on the sides :]

 I love these colors! In fact.. they match my bedroom almost exactly... 

haha what can I say... its a good combination! :]

now on to the next project.... 

16 June 2011

Sugar Britches

Happy Birthday to my SB! 

She is my best friend, and I hope her birthday is fabulous!! 

I love you sugar!!! 
Happy Birthday!

15 June 2011


Today me and Maeby decided to go meet Matt for lunch and have a little picnic. 

We drove down to Bountiful to pick Matt up, picked up our food, then headed to the park! 

We had a lovely time sitting under a tree, and eating lunch! 

Mmm.. Mo Betta Steaks is so good! 

Don't mind Matthew's "mustache" he can't really grow one, but he is sure trying... I'd prefer it to be gone :]

I suspect we will have more picnics in our near future! :]

14 June 2011

It's what fun is

Last week I officially started my first week of Summer! 
Thats right, I have the entire summer off! :) 
i have been waiting for this for months... 

So to start the summer off right, We spent the day at 

We went with Zann, Camer and Lola. 

And even watched the show! haha

It was such a fun day, and we are so glad we went! :) I hope we get to go again this summer!

06 June 2011

Family Night.

This weekend, Matt and I spent all day Saturday working in our yard. 
We had TONS of huge, tall weeds to pull, the lawn to mow, and tulips to trim. 
After we had gotten the flower beds all cleaned out and the lawn done, 
I went and bought some flowers with my mom. 

Tonight, as a family (yes even Maeby helped) we planted our flowers! 
These pictures aren't great.. but it was getting kind of dark, and all I had was my phone.. 




If any of you had seen our house before the yard work, you know how horrible the flower beds were. 
Whoever lived here before us, never really took care of the yard, so there was a ton of work to do. But we have had so much fun working outside together and making our little house an adorable little home! 

We seriously love our house, our neighbors and everything about where we live! 
I hope we never have to leave!! 

03 June 2011

Memorial Day Festivities

This year for Memorial day, we had so many family get-togethers and places to be! 

We started the festivities on saturday by spending the day at the park for a Francis family party. 
We ate lots of delicious food, played games, and then headed up to Morgan to visit my grandparents grave. 

 we are in front of Samuel Francis' headstone.. He started everything, and brought us here! 

I love going to Morgan each year, something about that place just has me hooked. 

Then Sunday after we taught our Primary class, we were headed down to Manti, to say for the night. 
We played lots of games with all the Olsen's in the Hotel, and had fun being together. 

we got to drive the whole way down with this little gem :)

We got up early Monday morning, to make our anual trip to the Wal Mart, and then up to the cemetary. 
I also LOVE this Cemetary, because there is the best view of the Manti Temple. 
and we all know how I feel about that temple! ♥ 

We had such a great time with our families, and thank you Brittany for house sitting and taking care of Maeby! :)