09 September 2014

Celebrating Sylvie

On Saturday, on the Olsen girls headed down to Salt Lake City to celebrate the upcoming arrival of baby Sylvie. Camer has been a trooper and lasted 37 weeks this pregnancy. We have all been very anxious for this baby to be born, and so we decided to head to lunch and do some shopping to celebrate. We ate at Eva's bakery, which was delicious and perfect seeing how its a french bakery, and Sylvie is a french name. After we finished there, we headed over to city creek and did a little shopping and dress up at the "mickey store".  All the little girls had so much fun, and Lucy loved being one of the "big girls". I love being apart of the Olsen family, they do so many fun things and they are the greatest people alive! It was a great day, spent with some of my favorite people! 

**Baby Sylvie was born yesterday-- coming in at 6 lbs 4 oz and 19.5 inches long. She is beautiful and has a full head of dark curly hair. We love her so much already!!

Ogden Temple

Last week we were able to finally go to the Ogden Temple open house. Even though Lucy was a little difficult to take through (and she even made a break for it, running through the celestial room, which caused me to have to run after her int he celestial room... totally reverent) We were happy to be there together as a family. The Ogden temple was the first temple that Matt and I both went through (at different times). It will always hold a special place in my heart. The first time seeing my almost husband in the Temple, was in Ogden. Even though it looks different now, the spirit is the same. I feel so lucky that we are able to attend the temple as much as we want, and that we live in such a blessed place to have temples all around us. I know that because of the Temple, my family can be together forever. Without making and keeping those special covenants we make inside the temple, that wouldn't be possible; and just like Jeffrey R Holland said, Heaven wouldn't be Heaven without my family there. 

Matthew turns 27!

On August 27th, Matt had his "golden birthday" and turned 27! Because of his crazy school schedule, we didn't even get to really see him on his very special day. I was able to take him to lunch during our work lunch breaks, and then after I got off, Lucy and I drove up to his work to surprise him with his presents. I know it wasn't the most exciting birthday for him, but he didn't seem to mind. Because we couldn't do any real celebrating on his birthday, I had decided to throw together a little surprise dinner party with some of our friends. I talked with everyone and asked them to meet at Buffalo Wild Wings (one of Matt's favorites) and then we would arrive shortly after. Matt thought I was just taking him to dinner, so when we walked in and saw the long table full of some dear friends, we was very surprised! It was a great night of celebrating our sweet Matty. I am so lucky to have married Matt, I don't know that there is anyone out there who is more patient, loving, kind and genuine. He is the most patient, loving and caring dad and Lucy loves him so much! He is one of a kind and I feel so lucky to have him forever. Thank you to everyone who came to celebrate with us, he loved it. 

Happy Birthday Matty boy, I love you more than you will ever know! 

The Dominican Republic, Santiago Mission

My sweet parents have been waiting for this day for 3 years!! They had plans to put in their mission papers, just before my dad was diagnosed with Cancer. After one terrible year, and a couple more of playing the waiting game, they finally were able to submit their papers and receive their call. They have been called to serve in the Dominican Republic, Santiago Mission, working in the Perpetual Education Fun Self Reliance Center. They wont technically be working IN the center, or in an office at all, they are so excited to be out in the communities serving the people and helping them to receive education, get employment and better their family circumstances. They are so excited and can't hardly wait. My mom is already practicing her Spanish, and has some lessons coming up that sound like they will be pretty intense. My dad keeps talking to her in Spanish hoping it will help move the process along. 

They leave for the MTC on December 1,2014. We are all so excited for them to be able to go out and serve and do exactly what they have wanted to do their entire lives. I will miss them like crazy, and so will Lucy, but we plan to take our little family out to visit them next Christmas! :) 
Congratulations Elder and Hermana Francis!