18 July 2010

Baby Belle is ONE!

Today was this little girl's first birthday!!
Isabelle Jane Shumway
is 1!!

Jenn had a little birthday party for her yesterday and it was so much fun!
This was the table! I made those little flowers and the cupcakes! It was so bright and so fun!
Isn't she so cute!
The Table..
Her adorable cake!! It was so cute!
At first she was hesitant but as you can see, she had no problem jumping right into her little cake!

Happy Birthday Belle!
I still can't believe you are already 1 year old!
I love you!

17 July 2010


My wedding registry informed me today that there are only...
Until our wedding!!

Holy smokes, I can not wait!!!
We got our little house, and took some of our good friends over to see it today!
The painting starts next week, and we can start moving our stuff in!
ha as if we have stuff... who need furniture anyways???

Have a great day! :)

09 July 2010

I'm Lucky...

I got all four wisdom teeth out today... and it has been an emotional roller coaster for me, to say the least!

I laughed hysterically for the first 45 minutes, then started bawling because I was drooling spit/blood and Matt had to wipe it off my face...
how embarrassing.

He has been the best little nurse! I am so thankful for him and I am so lucky to know that I get to be with him for eternity!

He wipes my spit up, changes my gross bloody gauze, he fed me, made me dinner, brought me jello, pudding, ice cream, apple sauce, and juice! And he has been doing everything for me!

He sure is cute, and I sure am lucky!

08 July 2010

The Olsens ♥

I can't wait to marry
Matthew Shawn Olsen

here are a few engagements :)

I couldn't be happier!!!

07 July 2010

Colter Bay 2010!!!

This last weekend my whole family went to Colter Bay in the Grand Tetons for the Fourth of July!
It was so much fun!
Very different then how I remember it as a little girl, but we still had some pretty fun times!
This is on our way up there! Pulling a trailer it takes almost 7 hours to get there.. yikes.
The night before we left, Matt got this beauty in the mail...
A Blackhawks snuggie! ha ha
He lovessss it!! This is a photo of it, along with the giant headphones... we were watching a movie!

On our first full day in the Tetons, we went on a hike around Jenny Lake! It is a family tradition of ours!
We have never done with with 5 grandkids though.. that was kind of a work out but it was still very fun!
This is at the start of the hike!
We had to use the "buddy system" to make sure we didn't lose any kids.. here are mine and Matt's buddies! :)
Matt was so nice and carried Courtney on his back for a little while! It wasn't very long though, Aimee did most of the work, but look how cute these two are!
On the second day Matt and I decided to go with my cousins, the Wilkes, so find some hot springs while the rest of my family went to old faithful! This is the first one we found.. which wasn't that hot! But there was a huge waterfall that the boys all swam under! I didn't dare.. I have a fear of water..
Mmm.. Squeeze its!
On the third day we spent the day in Jackson Hole! We watched a shoot out, shopped, and watched the BEST fireworks ever! They seriously were the greatest fireworks I have ever seen!

So after all of our adventures, it was time to pack up and come home! I was pretty anxious to take a real shower but I was sad that the trip was already over! It went so fast!

This is on the way home, Matt, Spencer, Jason and Morgan! DVD players in cars are the best invention ever!! ha ha Oh and Matt and the kids all have a DS and so they played Mario for hours! This is when Morgan and Spencer found out that his nick name was "P-Nut"... They think it is hilarious!
It was such a fun trip! I hope that we get to go again soon!
I am so lucky to have such a great family
and soon-to-be husband!
They all make me very happy!!!

06 July 2010

I wish it wasn't so late..

I have so many fun things to blog about, and I really can't wait to do it!!
It's late.. and I have to work in the morning :(

It'll have to wait! But stay tuned.. because you are in for a real treat!!!

My life is soooooo great!