14 December 2008

It has been FOREVER!!

So I haven't posted anything for such a long time! I have been really busy! Last week I finished the semester and I have never felt so good! This last semester has been so hard, time consuming, and stressful, so it was a really good feeling to finish! I have had time to go Christmas shopping, go to Christmas parties, and miss Clint. I didn't think that the holidays would really make that big of a difference, with out Clint.. but it has been much harder then expected.. But time is going quick, and I just need to keep that in mind. Clint's one year mark is on January 2nd, and that almost seems unreal.. Sometimes I feel like it has been years since he left, but it really wasn't that long ago! Today I had the opportunity to go to Elder Bennett's homecoming. He was Clint's trainer when he first got to Hong Kong. It was so great to hear some of his stories, knowing that Clint is out there right now having some of those same experiences! I am so grateful for this time and for Clint being able to serve a FULL time mission! Two weeks ago, he had a little accident and broke his collar bone. He is healing, but he is still in a lot of pain. Luckily he didn't have to come home for surgery and gets so stay in Hong Kong! Lets just hope that nothing else happens to him! I am sending his Christmas/Birthday package tomorrow and I am very excited for him to get his presents! 

Anyway... Onto a more positive note.. Our house is finally all decorated for Christmas! It is always fun to get all of the decorations up, and having the snow has really made it feel more like the Christmas season! It hasn't really felt like it until this last week. My family and I went to the festival of trees the first week of December, and we took a couple of pictures! They aren't very cute.. but they are all I've got! :) I hope everyone has a great holiday!!