25 April 2015

First days home

So it turns out only being in labor for one hour, and having a mostly natural delivery, makes for a REALLY great recovery. In fact, as soon as I was moved to Postpartum I felt like a million bucks. I seriously had more energy after giving birth, than I had had in the last ten months!! My delivery went so smoothly and I didn't even feel like I had just given birth, so as soon as we hit our 24 hour mark in the hospital, we packed up and headed home. I love my time in the hospital, with Lucy I stayed 3 days, as most women do, and it was great. I also loved my hospital experience this time, but I was anxious to be home with Lucy and start out our family with our newest addition. So Sunday afternoon we went home and spent some quality time together! :) 
Here are a few pictures of our little Dottie in her first few days of life. 

Lucy absolutely LOVES being a big sister. She always wants to hold her "sis" and help put her bows on, change her diaper, get her clothes on, etc. It is the sweetest thing ever!! 

15 April 2015

March 7, 2015-- Welcome to the world Baby girl.

** warning, this is long and detailed. If you aren't interested, dont read, just scroll to the bottom to see pictures of our sweet newborn, with really great hair. :) 

Saturday morning I woke up about 6am, and started getting ready. We were scheduled to be at the hospital at 7am. I curled my hair, put on my make up, made sure my bag was packed with everything i'd need, made my bed and tried to mentally prepare to go have a baby. Just before leaving the house, Matt gave me a beautiful blessing. Moments like this, even just to think back on, make me emotional. there is something very sweet about being just with my sweetheart, being overwhelmed with the spirit, watching him use the priesthood to bless and comfort me. In Matt's blessing, he asked that things would go smoothly and quickly and that the doctors and medical staff would know what to do, and that I would have the strength necessary to get our baby here safely. Oh boy was he inspired. :) 

We arrived at the hospital and headed up to Labor and Delivery. As I walked toward the nurses desk, One of them said, "here she is! We've been waiting for you" I simply threw my hands in the hair to raise the roof and gave a little "woot woot" as I walked to meet my nurse, Sheryl.  Just from the greeting I had just had, I knew it was going to be a great day. We headed into my room and I got changed into my gown. My nurse, Sheryl had a nursing student with her, Summer, and I instantly loved both of them. It was kind of fun to have a nursing student there on her first day of precepting, because Sheryl explained each and every thing she did. It was nice to hear why they do things and what certain things meant. I got hooked up to my monitors and then Sheryl checked my cervix. I was still only dilated to a 3 and my cervix was still really high, a +3. At my 36 week appointment I was dilated to a 2  and 75% thinned, and at my 38 week appointment I was dilated to a 3 and 80% thinned. I hadn't progressed at all in 2 weeks. I felt a little disappointment, only because I feared that I would be in labor ALL day long since my body didnt' seem to be progressing on its own. I got hooked up to my IV and they started my pitocin about 8:15am. Dr Spencer got to the hospital later than planned, due to an emergency C section he was called in to do at 3am, so he arrived about 9:30. He walked in all cheerful and happy, just like he always is, and it made me cheerful and happy. :) He checked my cervix and I had dilated to a 4 in the last hour and a half, which is pretty average, but nothing to be excited about. He also commented on how high my cervix was, but because I was now a 4 he was going to break my water. Oh my, that was a bit painful, not what I was expecting and a much difference experience than I had with Lucy. Once he broke my water I felt multiple gushes of fluid. Dr Spencer, Sheryl and Summer all kept commenting on how much fluid I had, and then Dr Spencer quickly jumped off my bed because he feared he was about to get soaked. I think my stomach shrunk half its size once my water was broken. :) haha Dr Spencer told me he thought I would go fairly quickly, so not to wait too long before getting my epidural. 

I let myself start contracting for a few minutes before deciding to get up and go to the bathroom. My contractions were very close together and REALLY intense. I was in much more pain than I had remembered being in with Lucy. So as soon as I got back in my bed I called for my epidural. Between the time of having my water broken and the time of the anestethiologist, Glen, got there was maybe 40 minutes. As he walked in I was mid contraction and couldn't speak or breath. He immediately started coaching me on my breathing and helped me get through the rest of my contractions. We went over all the risks and side effects of getting an epidural all while I was squeezing Matt's fingers as hard as I could. As Glen watched me contract he asked what I was dilated to, my body was shaking with pain and I couldn't answer, so Matt told him that I was just barely dilated to a 4. He was very hesitant about giving me my epidural without having my cervix checked again. He kept saying, "I feel like you're there", and in my head I kept thinking, "you're an idiot, I was just barely dilated to a 4, there is no way I am 'there', now please give me the drugs to stop this awful pain!" After some debate, he decided to go ahead and start my epidural. As soon as he put the needle into my spine, I started having a huge contraction, and could hardly hold still, Glen told me I HAD to hold still, and I was sure I was going to be paralyzed because there was no way I could hold still through that pain. He quickly finished administering the epidural and asked what I was feeling, I quickly answered and said, "There is so much pressure.... I need to push!" As soon as I said those words, I didn't even believe them, I felt dumb for have even mentioning it. Glen yelled out, "I knew it! We need a nurse in here to check her!" My nurse had been admitting a new patient, so another nurse came running in to check my cervix, the only words out of her mouth were, "Oh yeah, we are having a baby... dont move!" I literally had to lay very still with my legs crossed, to make sure the baby stayed in. I had been placed on my left side to help my epidural start moving through my body (because it takes about 15 minutes for it to go into effect) As I laid on my side, I gripped the arm rails to help try to ease the pIain and the pressure I was feeling. I knew she was there and ready to be pushed out. Everything in me was telling me to push, and all the doctors and nurses around me kept telling me no! I was scared. Really scared, I just looked at Matt and started to cry. I didn't think there was anyway I could do this, not this way anyway. I could still feel everything, it was all happening so fast, and it was not at all what I expected. Matt kept calm, told me I could do it and continued to encourage me to breath. I am so thankful for a calm and loving husband. especially during a time like this.  

My sweet nurse Sheryl came running in, along with many other techs and nurses as they transformed my room, and she told me that Dr Spencer was on his way, but that he was coming from McKay Dee Hospital. I didn't think there was ANY way I would be able to hold this baby in for another 20 minutes while we waited for him to get there. I was so so scared. I thought for sure my nurse would be catching the baby. I dont know how, but Dr Spencer made it to Davis Hospital in about ten minutes and came running into my room, dove into his gown and gloves and sat down. I still wasn't numb and was able to put my own legs up. As soon as he sat down he said, "Wow she has a lot of hair" keep in mind I hadn't even pushed yet! He asked me to give one small push and at 10:58 am out came our sweet, perfect Dottie Jean Olsen. Because my epidural hadn't set in yet, I was able to sit all the way up and watch her be born. What an amazing experience to have. The nurse set Dottie on my chest and it was love at first sight. I couldn't believe I had brought another beautiful baby girl into this world. I have never felt so blessed. I hadn't even been at the hospital 4 hours, I only labored for one hour, and just like that I was a mom of two.

I can only think to describe giving birth in one word, heaven. As soon as that new spirit is welcomed into the world, you cannot help but feel the love of our Heavenly Father. This new precious, perfect, innocent spirit is now yours to watch over.  At that moment you make a little promise to him to do your very best. You also make a promise to yourself to never give up and to love that little baby  with everything you have. I feel extremely lucky to take part in this marvelous plan. 
Being a mom is my greatest joy. 

Dottie Jean Olsen
6 lbs. 9 oz. 19.5 inches 


The night before we became four.

Our last night as a family of 3. Matt and I got home from work and wanted to go out to do something for our last night before welcoming a new baby into the family. Because we (I) are so indecisive, we ended up spending our night wandering around Target, buying last minute treats and necessities for the baby. we stopped and picked up some burritos for dinner, and headed to matt's parents house to drop off Lucy for the night. We had decided that since we would be heading to the hospital early in the morning for my scheduled induction, it would probably be best if we had Lucy spend that night with Debbie. We sat and visited with Jeff and Deb for a bit and hung out with our sweet Lucy. I was having so many mixed emotions about leaving Lucy and I would be lying if I said I wasn't completely panicked on the inside. Matt had a hockey game that night, so we needed to get going. We said good bye to Luc and gave her so many hugs and kisses before leaving. the second we got into the car, I totally lost it and started crying. I was so sad to be leaving my baby, knowing the next time I saw her she wouldn't be my baby anymore, she would be a big sister. Lucy has been so excited for the baby to come, she talks to my belly all the time, tells me she wants the baby out and already loves her sissy. But I was so unsure of how she would respond to actually having her baby sister her. Being 40 weeks pregnant makes you VERY emotional. 
Anyway, we got home and got to work. We had a few last minute things to do, like sterilizing bottles and binkies, vacuuming and laundry. we finished up doing those things and headed down to Matt's hockey game. I haven't been to a game in a long time, because I dont like to keep Lucy up past her bedtime, and his games are always really late. It was nice to be able to go to his game and watch him play. A nice night, just the two of us. I didn't expect to be able to sleep much that night, as I didn't with Lucy the night before I had her, but my body was totally exhausted and as soon as I hit the pillow, I fell fast asleep until my alarm went off the next morning! :) 

Last picture, just us three. 

#13 is a total hottie. :) 

A little trip to Labor and Delivery

On Monday, March 2nd, I was at work and kept noticing my vision was going blurry. My vision has struggled most of my pregnancy, which  has required me to wear my glasses a lot more. But this time was different. It was noticeably worse.  I know that blurred vision can be a sign of pre-eclampsia or toxemia, so I was slightly worried. I decided to head down to our CNA classroom, and have somone take my blood pressure. I always pride myself in my low, healthy blood pressure. So when Mr. Wilson told me my blood pressure was 150/100, I became very nervous. I called my doctor to ask him what to do, and he told me to head to the hospital immediately. I called Matt and we both left work to head up to Davis Hospital. They got me checked in and started monitoring me. I was having a few contractions, but that was nothing abnormal. I have contracted pretty regularly since I was 23 weeks pregnant. My blood pressure was still high, but the longer i sat, it gradually went lower and lower. After being at the hospital a few hours and having all my labs done, they sent me home. I hadn't dilated any more and I wasn't contracting very much. So home we went. We knew we would be back in a few days on my scheduled induction date, so I can't say we were too disappointed. I mostly felt dumb having been so worried, but I'd rather be safe than sorry! 

Matt clearly was enjoying himself at the hospital. haha 

39 weeks pregnant 

Last weekend as a family of 3

Our last weekend as a family of 3 was finally upon us. We started the morning with everyone in the family getting manicures. Lucy has become obsessed with painting everyone's nails. Matt and Maeby even got a fresh coat of pink nail polish. :) We ended the night with Matt deciding to ditch his homework, and going out for a night of fun. We took Lucy to the Rush fun center, for some bowling and arcade games. We had never taken her bowling before, so we weren't sure if she would like it. needless to say, she LOVED it! She was so cute and would clap for Matt or I when we would go, and was sure to tell us when it was our turn. She loves rolling her ball and like to assist mom and dad with their rolls too! :) It was such a fun night with our gal, and I am so glad we were able to do it before adding a new babe to the mix. 

Lucy's scary sickness

About a week and half before my due date, I was at work when Matt called me to tell me Lucy had a fever. It sounded serious on the phone, and since lucy has been obsessed with taking all of our temperature since she had been sick with strep the weekend before, our thermometer had a dead battery. I quickly packed up my things at work, ran to the store to get a new battery, and headed home. Lucy's temp was about 102, and she was totally lethargic. Her body was limp and it was so obvious she did not feel well. I immediately called our pediatrician, and they told us to bring her in right away. On our way to the doctors office, I kept trying to talk to Lucy, keep her alert. As I watched her through the rear view mirror, Lucy's eyes kept rolling back and she wasn't responding to me. Panic set in and I called Matt. I was hysterical. I could barely get the words out through my tears. I was so scared, and so worried. Matt left work right away to meet me. As soon as I hung up the phone with matt, Lucy started vomiting all over herself and the car. My heart was breaking, and I was driving as quickly and as safely as i could. It had started to snow, and as soon as i pulled into the doctors office parking lot, I stripped Lucy down and dressed her in a fresh pair of pajamas, that I grabbed last minute on our way out the door. I had an impression that I would be needing them. we ran into the office, lucy still limp and me covered in puke and will tear stained cheeks. 

Our pediatrician was fantastic. he stayed with us for about an hour and watched lucy, tested her for everything he could and kept re evaluating her. we didn't leave with any answer, other than it was a virus he had not seen before and to keep a close eye on her. I have never been so scared. As a mom you always want your children to be healthy and happy, to see my Lucy so sick and so unlike herself, was terrifying. There were many prayers offered on Lucy's behalf that day, and like a true miracle, she woke up the next morning without a fever and acting pretty normal. The power of prayer is real, and I know Lucy's quick recovery was because of the love and sincere prayers many said for her. 

Part of me was stressed not only because Lucy was so so sick, but because I could have a baby at any point. I was 38, almost 39 weeks pregnant and I couldn't imagine what I would have done if I had to leave Lucy to go have a baby. Heavenly Father has a plan. there is a reason I was still pregnant. I needed to be able to tend to Lucy without any other distraction or responsibility. I am thankful I could do that for her, one last time. 

38.5 weeks pregnant

Random Pregnancy things...

In the final weeks of my pregnancy, my wonderful in laws threw a little shower for me and the baby. Camer held it at her house, and we had a delightful breakfast, complete with scones and an omelet bar. She had it decorated so cute! I am so dumb and forgot to take pictures when I first got there, and these couple that I snapped did not do it justice. It was such a nice get together, and I felt so thankful to be loved by these great women. I really am so lucky to have such loving, thoughtful and sincere sisters in law and mother in law. I am so lucky to be an Olsen! Baby pony got some wonderful gifts which included her pink blanket, made by debbie, a few new outfits and a giftcard to Gap. It was perfect!

When I was pregnant with Lucy my belly button never popped out. It eventually surfaced, but never stuck out. I have such a deep belly button, so I never really expected it to. This go around, however, it finally made it's appearance. It looked so funny to me, I felt like a cabbage patch doll. I had to document it! :)