24 February 2015

Our Valentines Day

Our Valentines day was very low key, just the way I like it! Friday night, the 13th, I had to work the High School basketball game, so while I was gone, Matt took Lucy on a little date. She planned the whole night. They went to get Mac and Cheese from Noodles, go to the puppy store (petco) and go to the toy store (Toys R Us). She had so much fun and got to pick out a little present while at the toy store. Matt said as soon as they walked in, she spotted this Doodle Bear, and wanted to carry it around the entire shopping trip. After being showed many other things, she was certain this was the present she wanted. Turns out it was a good one, she hasn't put the thing down! 

Saturday we spent most of the day cleaning and hanging out at home. I got my hair cut, and then we stayed in until we got hungry. Matt and I dont usually make a big deal out of this holiday, so we opted to go out for pizza for dinner. We went to the new Lucky Slice in Layton, and Lucy ate a slice of pizza as big as her head. We enjoyed our meal and then went to a couple stores on our way home. 

Lucy had her first real meltdown/tantrum while at the doggy store (petco, again) and we had to leave with a screaming child in hand. She has never really done that before, so it was a new experience for all of us. But we survived and after a good nights rest, she woke up sweet as can be the next morning! 

I sure love my valentines and I am so lucky to have the cute little family I do. I sure love my Matty and Lucy, and we look forward to adding another little valentine to the crew in just 12 days, or less! :) 

10 February 2015


These videos I know are not interesting to anyone but me, but since the recent and unexpected passing of a friends little girl, the same age as Lucy, I have made it a priority to try to remember and document even the smallest things. Watching Lucy play is something I will never get tired of. Remembering how she runs, holds her body and talks are important to me. Especially with a new baby almost here. Lucy made me a mom, no other child will ever be able to hold that title. I am thankful every single day for this sweet girl, and for being able to be her mom. 


This pregnancy may have allowed for some poor eating habits to be introduced into our family. Most every Saturday morning we drive to Madbrook Donuts and get some. Lucy LOVES donuts and usually eats one full donut, and the frosting of another. This last Saturday after we finished taking maternity photos, I had promised Lucy a donut for being so good. When she got up to the counter to pick one out, she looked over at me with her chocolate covered face and said, 
"Imma eat ALL the donuts mom. All of them." 

She is the funniest, cutest little human. I wish I could keep her this age forever! 

06 February 2015

A few random January thoughts & photos.

January seemed to fly by, which is both good an bad. I look forward to the upcoming weeks of welcoming a new baby into our family, but at the same time I want to cherish and enjoy every last second with Lucy as our only child. Lucy has become quite the little adult. She is talking up a storm, bossing us around and watching out for us. When I try to eat too many chips or treats, she kindly reminds me that "that's enough mom". She lets me know when I want a piece of gum or a drink of water. She is so sweet to ask if I ever need a bandaid, and always shows such concern when I feel any pain due to the pregnancy; a hard contraction, a hard kick or punch from the tiny one inside me, or even just regular aches and pains from hauling around an extra 20 pounds. Lucy has become so independent, always wanting to do everything on her own. It is such a great time for her to be developing these skills, but is also a painful reminder that she isn't a baby anymore. 

How did time go by so quickly?? Soon she will be taking on the roll of big sister and I know without a doubt that she will be the sweetest, most loving big sis around. She already loves her little sister. She wants to "see baby sister" every day, which requires me to pull up my shirt so she can talk directly into my belly. She often tells me she can hear sister crying, and that she needs a binky.. which then leads to Lucy shoving a binky into my belly button. :)  Many times Lucy asks me to hold her while we are sitting on the couch, and she likes to rest her head or her hands on my tummy. She listens for baby sister, gives her countless kisses and pats her. Lucy has been telling me lately that "baby sister is all done mom, she come out now". She is anxious and ready to meet this new little spirit. I'm a little emotional writing this right now, because I feel like these two sisters already have a special bond. I feel like Lucy knows something we don't. She already knows her sister, already has a relationship with her, and she can't hardly wait for her to get here so they can pick up where they left off. 

I admit that preparing for this baby has not been as easy for me. I have been struggling with the fact that once this baby is born, Lucy and I wont be able to spend all our time together, just the two of us. Lucy will no longer be my baby, she will become my oldest child. I know without a doubt that it was time for us to add another sweet spirit to our family, and I can't wait to meet this new little one; but it has been a harder adjustment than I ever anticipated. My hormones have caused me to be a bit emotional the last little bit (poor Matt) but I am hoping that once this baby is born all of the "mom guilt" will disappear and I will only feel love and joy that my little family is growing. With only four weeks left, I hope that I can get myself motivated to get things ready with the house, packing bags and making plans. Being in denial that I really could have this baby at any point, is not helpful! haha Wish me luck, I hope I can get everything done that I need to. 

One week, Lucy kept falling asleep on the floor for nap time. We would give her a warning that it would be nap time in so many minutes, and so she would just lay down on the floor and pass out. I was so funny and so not like her! 

Lucy loves reading books, and will prop up a baby or minnie on her lap and read to them. She really is the sweetest little girl. 

A couple weeks ago we all got pretty sick. The house was a mess and we were all pretty useless. I snapped this picture of Matt and Lucy both passed out on the couch, and even though it shows all the chaos, I love that in that moment the house was quiet and my two favorite humans were sweetly sleeping. 

"I draw your hand mom?" Lucy loves to have her hands traced on paper, and she loves to trace my hands too. She tries so hard to be so careful and exact, it is so sweet. 

Lucy love's to take a good "selfie" 

I took this picture of Lucy while she was playing with her kitchen. She was changing her baby on the little table, while talking on the phone to her friend Henry. Such a little multi-tasker, and such a good little mama. :) 

 Laying on baby sister and laying on Maeby. "I love my doggy" is a common phrase at our house.

 I had to take this the other day when I went down to the day care to pick Lucy up. She was painting a picture and she looked so cute in her little art shirt with all her friends. I am looking forward to Maternity Leave and summer, to be home all day with this little gal, but there is a part of me that gets sad because she really does love her friends at school and has so much fun there. It will be an adjustment for all of us!