21 February 2012

Secret's out!!

 I realize my child looks like a penquin in this picture... but little baby had his/her legs curled up very tightly! :)

I have been waiting to write this post for quite a long time. Many people are starting to find out and questioning why my tummy seems to be growing, so here it is.. the official announcement! We were waiting until we found out the gender before we announced, but we went to the doctor's today and our sweet little baby was being VERY modest. :) Baby Olsen had their little legs crossed and pushed completely to their little bum, not to mention the ambilical cord was laying right in between it's legs. There was no possible way Dr. Spencer could even guess! Rats!
 I am now just over 16 weeks pregnant with Baby Olsen, and I can honestly say it has been one of the greatest experiences of my life so far. The way this baby came to be, may have not been in our plan, but we know with out a doubt that this little spirit was sent to our family for a reason and we can't wait to be it's parents. When we first found out we both cried we were so excited.. then the shock set in. I started freaking out and stressing, thinking that there was no way I could really do this, but our little baby has already pushed Matt and I to grow even more spiritually and it has been the sweetest adventure ever. 
Although I REALLY wanted to find out today if baby was a boy or a girl, I can't help but laugh at the whole situation. I was so frustrated watching the ultrasound screen, knowing we would not be finding out today, then I would see a little foot pop up, or it would wiggle it's little belly, and all I could do was smile! I already love our baby so much and even though I am so nervous to become a mother, I honestly have never looked forward to something so much!

We will be returning to the doctor's office on March 22nd for our big 20 week appointment, and they promised me we would find out the gender that day! Apparently the specialist has some tricks she can do to make the baby cooperate! :)

August 6, 2012 can't come soon enough!
 Matt and I cannot wait to start this next chapter of our life! I know life can only get better from hear!

Baby Olsen's Foot! It is in the top left hand corner... pretty cute! :)

13 February 2012

Surprise weekend!

This weekend Matt planned a suprise weekend getaway. He has been planning this for the last couple weeks and could barely keep it a secret. He decided that for Valentines day he wanted to do something fun for the two of us. He booked us a room at the Armstrong Mansion in Salt Lake and made dinner reservations at Rodizio Grill.  He picked me up early from work and after dropping off Maeby we were off to check into our room. I had no idea where we were going, and once we got there Matt wouldn't let me get out of the car until after he had gone in to "take care of things". Matt had upgraded our room to the romance package and didn't want me to know. He is seriously the sweetest cutest person in the world and I am soooo thankful every day that I married him.  

After checking into our room and getting changed for dinner, we had to make a quick stop at gateway to pick up a shirt for Matt. He accidently brought the wrong color shirt, and it did not match his pants AT ALL
 (this is what happens when I am not there to supervise the packing)
So we rushed down to gateway, and I ran into Gap to find a shirt.. I ended up finding three shirts that I liked, so I bought them all.. woops! :)  Once we got his clothing taken care of we were off to dinner.
Matt had never eaten at Rodizio Grill before so he was excited to experience it all. He enjoyed everything he ate and was very stuffed by the end of the night! I would say dinner was a success!

We then headed back to the room to watch the movie we had rented and eat at the treats we picked up at the gas station. When we got back to our room, the entire room was covered in rose petals and candles! It was so cute! We enjoyed our stay, and got up early the next morning to get started on some shopping. We shopped around gateway for a while, then decided to go see The Vow. I liked it, but Matt thought it was little too cheesy for his liking, although I had higher expectations, I still was pleased with it. Once the movie was over, I was off to a sewing class with my mom and sisters to learn how to use our new fancy sewing machines. I'll be honest, after spending such a wonderful 2 days with my sweet Matthew, I was so sad to leave him. I may have cried a little bit as I drove away from him. I am so lucky to have Matt in my life and to know I get to be with him for eternity. I can't wait for the next chapters in our life! Every day with him just gets better and better!! Thank you for such a fun weekend Matt, I love you so much!

05 February 2012

A baptism and a blessing.

Yesterday we spent the whole day with my family as we attended the baptism of our nephew Jason, and the blessing of his newest little sister, Lauren. We are so proud of Jason and the choice he made to be baptized! He is such a sweet boy and makes the best facial expressions of anyone I've ever met! We were also happy to witness the name and blessing given to sweet Lauren! She has been such a sweet baby and aside from the few birth defects she was born with, she is a healthy and happy! We just love her so much!!

I love any opportunity we have to all get together as a family and enjoy one another's company! I am also so grateful for the gospel and for all it has taught me in my life! Yesterday was a special day, and I am glad we were able to be apart of it! :)