18 August 2014

4 years.

This last week, Matt and I celebrated our 4th anniversary. On our actual anniversary Matt has to take two finals and then had to be to Young Men that night. So we didn't even see eachother until about 8pm. I decided I didn't have to cook since it was our anniversary and ordered pizza for dinner. (Classy right?) We decided since Matt was busy with Finals we would go to dinner Friday night once school was officially over. Matt really wanted to go to Tucanos so we headed down after dropping Lucy off with a babysitter. We ate dinner, Matt loved it, I mostly stuck to the salad bar, and then walked around Gateway for a little bit. Did you know people still actually go to Gateway?? We didn't. I picked up a birthday present for Matt's upcoming 27th birthday, got some frozen yogurt and then headed home to get Lucy. Life has been so crazy lately and honestly neither of us were feeling up to doing anything too extravigant this year. It was nice to get away for a few hours just the two of us and enjoy each other's company.
I can honestly say that I love Matt even more today than I did when we got married (and I didn't think it was possible to love him any more than I did at that moment). The last four years have been the best of our lives. I have learned to live with his PILES of socks and he has learned to put up with my constant nagging. :) I think we make a pretty great team, and we make even cuter children. Matt is such a great husband and an incredible dad. I can't wait to spend forever with my favorite guy. Happy Anniversary Matty boy, I love you!

Lucy is Two!

This year for Lucy's birthday we decided to keep things pretty low key since Matt was going to be out of town on her actual birthday and it was the end of the semester for him so he has been a little crazy. Once Lucy woke up on her birthday, I made her some birthday french toast and an egg (her favorite). My dad and I sang happy birthday to her and she knew as soon as the song ended it was time to blow out the candle. There is no doubt in my mind she knew this whole day was about her, she kept walking around the house saying, "Happy Birthday" and telling everyone she saw that she was 2! ( I know I might be a little biased, but I swear this girl is a genius) We spent most of the day playing together at home and I pretty much Lucy do whatever she wanted. Brittany came up and played with us and once dinner time rolled around my parents took us and Lucy to her favorite place to eat, Noodles, for some Mac and Cheese. She ate dinner so well and again knew this was her special day. Continuing to tell herself happy birthday over and over again. We didn't give Lucy her birthday presents on her actual birthday because we wanted to wait for Matt to be home, and we knew Lucy wouldn't know any different. Once Saturday rolled around and Matt made it home from High Adventure, we spent the day with Lucy at the aquarium. Lucy loves fish, and she has recently been talking about Sharks (even though I am not sure how she even learned about them, genius I tell ya). She loved looking at all the "goldfish" and finding as many turtles and frogs as she could. After the aquarium we stopped for lunch then headed home. We ate dinner at home and then Matt's parents came over to help up celebrate our two year old. It was kind of nice just having my parents and matt's parents, lucy was in total heaven getting all the attention from her favorite people. We sang to her and let her open her presents, and she was very excited about each one of them. Probably the cutest thing I have ever seen.

I can't believe our sweet Lucy is already two years old. Time has gone much faster than I ever thought it would and we can't imagine our life without our baby. at 2 years old, Lucy can count to 10, knows most her colors, can speak in some sentences and repeats EVERYTHING we say. :) She does a very good job communicating with us and letting us know what she wants or needs. She loves to go potty like a big girl and LOVES to play outside. She is obsessed with Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and still obsessing over 101 Dalmations. She loves all animals, especially dogs and puppies. She sleeps in a big girl bed, loves to read books, color and do "homework". She wants to do everything on her own and has become very independent. Her favorite foods are Chocolate Milk, Mac and Cheese, Hot Dogs (corn dogs), Chicken and mashed potatoes. Her favorite activity, besides anything outside, is playing with her baby dolls. She is very good at putting diapers on them, swaddling them in blankets and shhing them to sleep. We are so lucky to have such a sweet and spunky girl, and we look forward to all the memories we will make with her as she continues to grow. We love you so much Lucy Marie, Happy 2nd Birthday!!!
(Cue the tears...)

Wrapping up Summer

Well my summer has come to an end. We tried our best to soak up every last minute before I went back to work. With all the running around we did the first half of summer, we have really enjoyed our days at home. Playing with Lucy's toys and just being able to play together without being interrupted. I sure love my crazy girl. She recently discovered Trail Mix, and that there are M&M's in the trail mix. She has become a pro at picking out every single "chocolate" out of the bag, she thinks she is very sneaky. Matt's company also had their annual pool party that we went to (without Matt, since he was with the YM at high adventure). Lucy had so much fun playing at the pool and going down the slide again, and again, and again. It was a fun night and even though lucy was freezing she still wanted an ice cream, which made her even more cold but she didn't seem to mind. Lucy is such a happy, funny and sassy little girl. I love her personality so much and I have loved spending every waking minute with my favorite little gal. I wish my summer time away from work, could last forever!

Deer Valley

Over the 24th of July, my dad booked a couple of condos up in Deer Valley. My whole family spent 3 days at The Lodges of Deer Valley, and we had so much fun. It was so nice to get away for a few days and just spend time together. The first day we got there we just explored the resort, went swimming and had a pizza party. Once we got the kids to bed, the adults played some games. The next morning, Matt and I woke up early and went for a run up in the mountains. It took a litte while to find the trail we were looking for, but once we found it we hiked up to the top and looked over the valley, it was beautiful. We realized we had been gone for quite a while so we thought we better turn back down and head back. Sprinting down a mountin is a little tricky. Matt does it all the time, but I usually stick to flat roads and treadmills. My legs were moving so fast I could barely control my body! There were a few times when we'd have to make a sharp turn and I literally couldn't stop sprinting to turn my body. It was pretty funny, Matt couldn't stop laughing when he realized he was headed down the trail and I wasn't behind him. After breakfast, we took a little nature walk with the family and then headed into Park City to ride the Alpine Slides. We were back to the pool once we got back to the condo, Lucy is a fish and could live in the water. Saturday once we packed all our stuff, we all headed to the park for a while and then went to lunch together. It was a great trip and I can't wait to do it again. I love my little family so much and there is nothing I like doing better than spending all my time with them!