19 September 2009

Mmm... I'm confused!

I hate not knowing what is going to happen next in my life. I may be a little OCD when it comes to planning ahead.. but seriously...this 'mystery' of a life I am living right now is not good for my health! ha ha... I have a plan.. I have always had a plan.. but then, some days I am not so sure if the 'plan' is really the best 'plan' for me. So then I stress and contemplate it for a few days, and change my mind again! What the crap! I wish I just knew what would happen and I would just know exactly how to live my life! Then it wouldn't matter what other people say, or think, because I wouldn't care! I would know exactly where I was headed.

I am sure this doesn't make sense to anyone but me.. but I just needed to vent.

Have a great night!

17 September 2009

Warning.. this is a little inappropriate!

ha ha ha Brandi and I could laugh for hours over this.... 
I hope you all enjoy it as much as we do! 

I mean seriously???? 

ha ha I know this really is gross.. but it is so funny I couldn't help but share it with everyone! 

01 September 2009

Trying to Catch Up!

I know I have been a pretty lame Blogger lately! I just haven't really been in the mood! ha ha But so I am just going to kind of catch everyone up on my 
summer! It has been pretty crazy! I was working everyday, and going to school 3 nights a week, and doing my internship 2 days a week! So I was pretty busy! Things have finally calmed down! I decided not to do Fall
 semester and take a break before I 
start my bachelors! So right now I am just working and it has been SO nice!! 

Most of my summer days were spent at work/school, but whenever I could find time... or if I just decided to take a night off and not go to school.. ha ha I was usually BOATING!! It is one of my most favorite things to do and I go as much as I can! Thanks to Kyle for always letting me tag along! This summer I even learned how to back the boat trailer! :) So here are a few boating pictures... 

The Boofy Board! :)

Brittany and me trying to stand up on the tube! It was hard! ha ha 

But by far the best part of Summer 2009 was my sister Jennifer had her sweet sweet baby girl, Isabelle Jane Shumway!!!! I am totally in love with this baby!!! She is the sweetest thing ever and is so pretty! She has such long eye lashes and 
makes the cutest noises! She doesn't have much hair.. but that is  partially her moms fault.. and partially the Doctors fault! The Vacuum 
pulled off a lot of it :( Poor baby! But she is still so cute and we love her to pieces!!! We just wish Dave, Jenn and Belle lived closer so we could play with them more! I am so lucky to be an aunt to all nieces and nephews!! I have the greatest family and I am so lucky they all help me so much!! 

When our sweet Belle was in the NICU! Poor Baby! 

After being in the NICU for a few hours, Jenn Finally got to hold her!! :)

Baby Belle! 

So this pretty much sums up all the exciting events that happened in my life! ha ha I know there isn't much but I guess thats just part of growing up! Within the next few months I will have much more to talk about...