22 December 2011

Lauren Ashley Cook

My sister Camille had her fifth baby yesterday, and she is so darling! 

Lauren Ashley Cook 
was born at 5:07pm weighing in at 8 lbs 10 oz and 20 in long. 

I was lucky enough to be there for the birth, I can honestly say I have never experienced such a spiritual, emotional and beautiful event. Their little spirits are so new and it is such a special little moment! 

I was able to photograph everything as it was happening, and some of these pictures are just too sweet not to share..

Congratulations Camille and Mark!! She is darling!! 

05 December 2011

Crazy week!!

This last week has been a little crazy around the Olsen house. We had some interesting events, and also some very fun events. Here is a little look into our hectic-ness... 
First off.. Thursday's windstorm really did a number on our little Kaysville neighborhood. The wind took off a lot of our shingles, almost ripped off our rain gutter and took out many of the trees on our street. :( We lost our power about 7 am Thursday mornings, and didn't get it back until 5 pm the next day. Since then we have had a few outages, but for the most part we are up and running. Thank you to my sweet parents who allowed us to sleep at their house all weekend, until we knew it was safe to come home! Here is my next door neighbors house.. Katie and Tommy had two beautiful big pine trees in the front of their house... and they are now completely gone! 

These are the roots from the two pine trees.. 

The poor trees, laying in the street after being blown over.. When I took these pictures the wind was still VERY strong, and about blew me over! 

This is my sister in law's house. The tree in their backyard fell onto their house.. The boys were so concerned that it was going to fall right into their bedroom. Luckily after lots of help, they got it all cleaned up! 

Also, this is their poor shed... totally demolished. Along with almost their entire fence! 

Even though the wind storm did a lot of damage to our little town, we feel very blessed that we did not get hurt, and that things weren't even worse! 

That same night, my family kept the tradition of visiting the festival of trees. This was our favorite tree... only because it is all about my dad's favorite christmas movie.. A Christmas Story. It was really cute, and we had so much fun being with my family! 

Friday night we were able to go down to the conference center to see Savior of the World. My sister Brittany is in it, and she did a wonderful job! :) 

Finally on Sunday, December 4th, we were able to celebrate Lola's 2nd birthday!! She loves Mickey Mouse, and my talented Sister in law, Camer made this adorable cake! It was perfect, and Lola was so excited about it!! 

When she started opening presents, she would get so excited for each one, and would say in the cutest voice, "Oh My!!" It was adorable! We are so glad we got to spend the evening with little Lolita on her special day! 

After all the presents, she went around and gave everyone a hug she and Izzy are very cute :) 
We had such a great time spending all week long with our families, 
we are so lucky to be apart of them!! 

Sorry for the horrible pictures.. they are all from my phone... rats. 

28 November 2011

Thanksgiving weekend

I was horrible at taking pictures this year! I guess I was just too caught up in all the wonderful family time, I didn't even think about it! I love thanksgiving!! It honestly is my favorite!

This year to start off the day two of my sister in laws, Camer and Frit, my mother in law Debbie and I all ran a 5k... Which actually turned in to 5 miles... Pretty funny story! Then Matt and I were off to see a movie with my family! Going to our thanksgiving day movie is my all time favorite tradition! After the movie we headed to my moms to start eating! It was wonderful! I love spending time with my family, and of course eating! :)

Morgan and Matt.. She thought they should act "cool" :)

Once night time hit, Frat, Debbie, Connors and I all headed out for our black Friday shopping! We were quite successful and enjoyed our time running through the stores! After our night of shopping we headed to breakfast and then we were off to cut down our Christmas tree! This is becoming another one of my favorite traditions!

We had such a great week with family and we both feel so blessed to be apart of the families we have! 2011 is coming to a close in just a few weeks and I must say it has been one of my most favorites!!! 
But I am positive 2012 will be even better! How could it not be?? Everyday with Matt gets better and better!! I'm so glad I get to have him forever!

17 November 2011


Ever since we attended the temple last Friday, I have been overwhelmed with the spirit. I can honestly say that in the last year that I have been going to the temple, I hadn't yet gone with a purpose; until Friday. Being there with a question or problem in mind, has been one of the greatest expeirences I have ever had. I can't even describe in words the feeling I had when I recieved the answer to my prayers.
I am so grateful to have the temple and to be able to attend often.
We as memebers of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints are blessed.

"I think there is no place in the world where I feel closer to the Lord than in one of His holy temples."

-President Thomas S. Monson

"The Lord will bless us as we attend to the sacred ordinance work of the temples. Blessings there will not be limited to our temple service. We will be blessed in all of our affairs."...

"When members of the Church are troubled or when crucial decisions weigh heavily upon their minds, it is a common thing for them to go to the temple. It is a good place to take our cares. In the temple we can receive spiritual perspective. There, during the time of the temple service, we are 'out of the world'."

-President Boyd K Packer

12 November 2011

The Bountiful Temple

Last night we were able to go to the temple with some of our good friends, the Pickards. We had originally planned to make it a big group thing with the Clemmers and the Jensens, but unfortunately they couldn't make it.

I always love going to the Temple and being reminded of all my many blessings, and to receive answers to my prayers. I feel very blessed and grateful to be a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. We are so lucky to be able to attend the temple often and do the lords work for him. I can't wait to go back and feel the spirit and peace that comes from attending!

It was the perfect way to start our weekend!

10 November 2011

I have an addiction

I keep buying baby things... and we are not having a baby.

and for some reason... it's always boy things... what will I do if I have all girls??

07 November 2011

Family Pictures

About a month ago we took Olsen family pictures, and we finally got them back this weekend! They are all so cute, and I can't wait until we get them printed! I know I have said it a hundred times, but I seriously have the greatest in laws. I couldn't have picked a better family to marry into! Every time I am with them I truly feel so blessed to be an Olsen.

Now we just need to get some Francis family pictures done! :)

02 November 2011

Our little pit.

Friends and family, our sweet little pit bull is not going to make it. :( She is being put down today. Her intestines keep leaking and her body it too weak to recover from everything she has been through. Thank you so much to everyone who has been so generous and donated. We will be using those donations to cover the cost of everything she had done up to this point. If by chance we have anything left over, we will donate that to a local dog rescue. Thank you for all your love and concern. We are grateful that this sweet little puppy could be apart of our lives for such a short time.

[The day my anut Lynette found her on the side of the road]

[Her second day at the vet, after her first surgery to remove the unborn puppies, and clean up her tummy]

[Her third day at the vet, recovering from surgery and just wanting to be loved]

This sweet little puppy just wanted to be loved, and thankfully we were all able to love her for the last week of her life. I am so so sad that we had to put her down this morning, but I know that she is happier now and no longer sick! She was such a sweet little girl, and I am so glad I got to be apart of the process in "saving" her.


27 October 2011

Happy Birthday Maeby!!

Today is our little girls first birthday!!
She is the sweetest puppy ever, and I am so glad she is apart of our family!

Happy Birthday Maeby Jane!!!
I love you so much! Thanks for being the sweetest, cutest puppy on the planet!!

26 October 2011

Please Help.

My sweet Aunt Lynette found this adorable Pit bull on the side of the road today, and took her to the vet to see what could be done to help her. Her estimated bill is $2000 to get everything done that she needs!
SHE HAS A CHANCE if we can come up with the money!! Any thing will help!!

The Vet (by law) had to call Animal Control- they said there were no owners/reports & given her current condition, if they were sent to collect her, that they'd euthanize her. The Vet kept the dog & after a thorough examination, determined she is a Pit Bull mix, female, 2-3 yrs old & was (at some point) pregnant; there are fetuses of puppies in her gut that she is autoimmunely absorbing to sustain her through her starvation. Vet determined she needs: IV, Parvo test, Antibiotics, eye surgery, teeth cleaning (cause of serious infection) possible surgery on the unterminated fetuses, & to be neutered.

When we found all this out last night, I couldn't help but cry. I posted it on my facebook and have already had a huge response. So many people have been so willing to donate, and even offered to give her a home. This may sound a little cheesy, but I have been so overwhelmed with the kindness everyone has shown for this sweet puppy. We should know more today about the condition she is in, and if we should take action.
We will have a pay pal account set up, if you are interested in donating.
If you can't contribute anything, please just pray for her that she will be able to be healthy again, and have a good home to live in.

UPDATE!!!  This little lady made it through the night and they are going to be doing her first surgery today!! Please go to this link and make any donation possible!! She is a little fighter! Lets all help her have the life she deserves!

<a href="http://apps.facebook.com/fundrazr/activity/4e3ad9282aee443087c4eec79164d688?type=endorsement" target="_blank" class="fr_give-widget-class">Give</a><script type="text/javascript" src="http://static.fundrazr.com/give-button/loader.js%22%3E%3C/script>


20 October 2011

Personal Trainer.

Well guys, I finally did it. I now have a personal trainer.
I have not been happy with the way I look and feel since last December when I got hurt
 and couldn't work out for 6 months. 
I have been working out and trying to eat healthy, but I have pretty much just stayed the same. 
So I took it upon myself to do something about it. 

We met last night and made my goals, had my first work out this morning, and my next appointment is Monday. 

They are going through my cupboards and writing a nutrition plan for me,
 along with creating a personalized work out. 
I am really nervous and scared to do something so dramatic... 
But I am really excited! 
I already have a new perspective on eating and exercise. 
In fact, I have dinner cooking right now that is totally healthy and smells delicious! 

Hopefully I will be able to meet my goals and become a happier, healthier me! 
Wish me luck. 

18 October 2011

Sleepless in Seattle

This last weekend, i was able to go on a long awaited vacation to 
Seattle, Washington. 

A few months ago Matt's mom and sisters all decided that we needed to go on a "girls trip" while the boys were off hunting. So we booked our flights and a hotel right down town in the heart of Seattle. 

Seattle was beautiful, and I really could live there! I thought it would seem depressing and sad, since it is usually over cast and rains 300 days out of the year; but it was so peaceful, calm and everything was so pretty! 

We spent most of our time shopping, seeing the sights, participating in a protest and eating! :) 

Here are a few highlights of the vacation... 

{before you get started on all these pictures,  you may want to know a few things. 
A: Nobody in the Olsen family goes by their real name. Everyone has a nick name, and using someone's real name always feels wrong and awkward. 
[Kim-Frit, Brenda- Shmovel, Kristi-Frat, Emilee-Camer, Debbie-Helga, Lois-Gram]
 B: Nobody in the Olsen family ever just smiles in a picture...  I must say though... all their cute faces make for some adorable photos!}

Shmovel and Frit
 Camer and Frat

Helga and Gram

 Our glamorous hotel, The Westin.

 We walked everywhere we went. Thank goodness for my handy iphone to guide us through the streets! Frat was our navigator, and she did a wonderful job of getting us where we needed to be! 

 Our first full day in Seattle, we took a Ferry out to one of the islands. Bainbridge Island. It was so quaint and adorable! Taking the Ferry was pretty fun too! 

 We at breakfast on the island at the adorable Cafe. It was exactly what we had pictured! 

 Pikes Place Market was one of my favorite stops! Amazing, delicious produce, and so many fun things to see!

Pikes has the most amazing flowers!! and so cheap!! A huge bouquet is only $5! I really wanted to bring some home.

 We made a stop at the first Starbucks to get some apple cider! Yum! 

 Fish Throwing!! 

 Many of you know, Sleepless in Seattle is my favorite movie!! So it was very important to me that I sat in the same seat Tom hanks sat in, while in a restaurant at Pikes Market.. So then we of course had to do the scene, "So.. how's my butt?" 

 The Space Needle

You may have heard about the big protests against Wall St. Well we watched a "march" and I think just about anyone who had a sign decided to join in. My personal favorite was "there's always money in the banana stand" For those of you who watch Arrested Development, you understand how funny this is! :)

I can't wait to see where we decide to go next year! I honestly think I have the greatest in-laws ever, and feel so lucky to have married into such a wonderful family! I love each of my sisters in law so much, and consider them some of my best friends, my mother in law is wonderful and so kind to everyone, and Gram is the the sweetest 81 year old I know! 
It was a fantastic trip, and I can't wait for the many more ahead! :)