14 April 2009

Word of Advise....

If and when you decide to run 5 miles in the pouring rain... remove ALL eye makeup first. 

That is all. 

Oh and I leave for Hawaii in the morning and I can NOT wait!!! :)

10 April 2009

I'm an Associate... ha ha ha

So... yesterday was my GRADUATION!! I can't believe I made it! What an experience it was to go to school at LDSBC... it was fun at times, hard, time consuming, and frustrating... but it was worth it! Even though I have chosen to get my bachelors in something other than interior design, I am really happy I did it! I have so many new friends and have learned so much! Once the ceremony was over, I got really excited to continue my education at Weber State University next spring. I can't wait to get my bachelors degree! As Weird as it all sounds... I really like going to school! I kind of always have! At times it is hard, and I wish I could quit, it is so fun! Anyway.. here are just a few pictures from the big day! My dad didn't really get very good pictures, but there is always next time to make up for it! :)

All of the Interior Design girls.. and Jake! :)
Marianne, Katie and Me! These were the first friends I made!! 
Me and Katie Walking into Graduation! 

04 April 2009

My 20th Birthday!!!

I started my birthday off by going to breakfast, and then heading to school! Unfortunately my portfolio event was on the same day, so it was a long, busy, stressful day! But I made it! I am DONE with school!! I can't believe I am still alive to say that!  Here is a picture of my LAMEEEEEE portfolio! 
This is my dear friend Mary! She is a crack up, and seriously the only reason I made it though AutoCAD this last semester! I love you Mary!!! I am so glad we became friends!!! 
Katie and me!! Making friends at school is fun!! We met our first semester and have been friends ever since!
After my portfolio event, my parents took me to dinner at PF Changs.. One of my favorites! Then we went home and I had flowers from Clint/ his mom, Sue, and the cutest Birthday cake made by my BFFFAE Emily Dawn Ross!! Thanks SB! I love you! 
Here are my Balloons, presents, and cake! 
Also, when I returned home, I went down stairs to my room to put some things away, and found my room full of little primary children!! They threw me a little surprise party! I loved it!! I love my calling! And everyone in my ward!! I am blessed to be in the Mapplewood Ward! This is me and Tanner!!! I love him! 
Felicity and Liam! She was the brains behind the whole "surprise party" ha ha Thanks Felic! I love you!
The Whole gang! 
A close up picture of my cute cute cake!! 
I had a great birthday!! Thank you everyone who was apart of it, and made it so fun!! 
Wow.. I can't believe I am 20! I am getting OLD!!!! ha ha