31 July 2013

Lucy Turns 1

How did this happen? How did this last year of my life fly past me so quickly? I know every mother says it, but it really is true, time goes by too fast. 

I remember Lucy's birth so perfectly, and each time I think of that sweet day and all the perfect little details I can't help but cry. Aside from mine and Matt's sealing, the day I became a mom was the greatest day of my life. This last year has been the greatest, hardest, fastest, most rewarding year and I know it will only get better. 

To celebrate Lucy's birthday we decided to have a little get together with family and a few friends. The entire day before I spent 15 hours in the kitchen. Baking 50 cupcakes, 150 sugar cookies, one giant cupcake/smash cake and more frosting than i'd like to admit. I didn't do anything too fancy, since Lucy wont remember this day except for what she sees in pictures, but I knew I couldn't let the day go by without doing something. We are so lucky to have so much family near by that came over to party with us. She was of course spoiled rotten and has spent most of today sitting in the middle of the floor trying to decide what to play with next. She walks all over the house, usually with a baby doll in each hand, and knows that she is the boss. Oh how I love this little girl more than anything. She makes me the happiest mom and pushes me to be a better person and mother. It was a great day for all of us, and I look forward to this next year with our Lucy girl. 

 Cutest dad ever. 

Lucy was eating her cake so sweetly, just one little piece at a time, Matt was not impressed, so when she stood up to walk away, he pushed her into the cake and she sat right on it. Everyone started laughing, so of course, Lucy did too. She thought she was soooo funny. Probably the cutest thing I have ever witnessed. 

I still cant believe my baby is one. She is not so much a baby anymore, but we wont even go there right now. I love this sweet babe so much and am so lucky to be her mama.
 Happy first birthday Lucy Marie! 

06 July 2013

4th of July

Every year we spend the 4th of July at Matt's sister's house. Shmovel throws the greatest 4th of July party ever. We start the day by attending the Kaysville parade, then walk back to her house for a giant feast. We have sandwiches, salads, and all the treats you can think of. Cookies, rice krispys, fruit pizza, snow cones, candy, etc. We spend most of the day outside playing games and hanging out. I really hope we never have to miss this Holiday with Matt's family because it is one of my favorite days of the entire year. This year everyone was especially happy because Matt's oldest sister, Frit got engaged last weekend! She and Tim are a match made in heaven and we are so excited for them to get married. Tim and his son Alex were able to come spend the week in Utah for the 4th and we all had a great time discussing wedding plans and their future family plans. I am positive I married into the best family possible. I love the Olsen's so much and I feel very lucky to be apart of their family! Here are a few photos from our day!

Month to Month

The last time I posted Lucy's month to month pictures, she was 7 months old.... that was 4 months ago!! Worst mom ever. I always say I am going to stay up on the blog, but between working full time and spending as much time as possible with my little family, this blog gets put on the back burner. But I am going to try really hard to be better. I have been writing in my journal and working hard to document our family memories that way, but I also want to be better at documenting things on here too. I hope that I can be better and keep track of all of our happenings. 

Lucy is now 11 months old. Yes, you read that right, ELEVEN. Ahhh. She is turning One in less than a month, we are down to weeks. three weeks. and the tears have already begun. I know that I will have more babies, and I will get to experience all the "baby" things again, but I will never have my first baby again. I will never be a first time mom to my sweet Lucy ever again. I am sure I sound like a crazy person, but there really is nothing like having your first baby. I know that being a mother is what I was meant to do, and I must say, it is the greatest thing ever. I am definitely not perfect, I am sure I make millions of mistakes, but it is the most fulfilling, rewarding and most enjoyable thing I have ever experienced in my entire life. I am blessed. 

Lucy is growing up in so many ways. At 11 months she enjoys pushing anything in sight all around the house (chairs, laundry baskets, boxes, push toys, diaper bag, etc.) She says "da-da-da-da-da" about 6000 times a day, she loves clapping, waving bye-bye and saying Uh Oh. Her favorite activity is eating, and would eat all day long if I let her. I am embarrassed to admit her love for Ice Cream. She has had a few melt downs because we wont give it to her and she gets really upset when it is all gone (she is exactly like her daddy that way). She sings in the car and in church, and loves to hold the hymn book and point to the notes. She is really good at pounding on the piano, and I often times find her standing on her tippy toes, reaching whatever keys she can to play a song. she is about as chubby as they come, and I wouldn't have it any other way. 

I am so blessed. 

Growing up

Lucy just keeps getting bigger, even though I keep telling her to stay small. Clearly she doesn't listen to her mama. Matt and I fall in love with our sweet little girl, more and more every single day. She is always making us laugh, smile and cry. I don't know how we got so lucky to have such a sweet little baby, but we feel very blessed. 

Lucy is completely obsessed with her grandparents and her puppy. She sometimes prefers them over her mom and dad. She is crawling everywhere, and is into everything! She likes to stand up and clap, and be "so big". She laughs at most everything we do and is one of the happiest babies I have ever met. She keeps us on her toes, and for sure has some sass, but we wouldn't have her any other way.