26 May 2011

Baby Boy Olsen's First Swim Suit!! 

ok ok.. we are NOT having a baby... but we saw this today at Gymboree and couldn't resist! 
Its very old school, Sweeny Todd-ish, Adams Family
And I can only imagine how cute it will look on a little chubby baby! 
I just had to share! 

Sorry if you got your hopes up... don't expect that announcement for at least three years. 
If some of you other married couples could work on having one, I'll be thrilled. 

I'd love to see a little Meyerhoffer, or another Shumway and Pickard
get on it... Please :) 
Thank you to those who are having them.. Van Komens, that's you! 

Dont be surprised if you see more of these posts... 
I figure its okay to buy things in advanced!
 because some of them are just too cute to pass up! 

18 May 2011

Nick and Autumn Van Komen

Little Alexei is a beautiful baby!
We are so happy she is finally here!

11 May 2011

Mothers Day.

We had a wonderful mothers day weekend!
We were able to spend the day with both of our mothers.
First we went to my parents to eat dinner, and spend time with them. It was so much fun! We played a disney game and just hung out.
My dad even admitted the Maeby is his favorite dog. :)

Then we were off to Matt's parents.
We learned a new Mary Poppins song and all just talked and even watched some OLD home videos.

We are so blessed to have such AMAZING familys, and the best Mothers!
Happy Mothers Day!

06 May 2011

Cinco de Mayo

The Olsen girls are famous for throwing random holiday parties.
and I mean full out themed parties!
So yesterday, of course we had to have a party!

Shmovel put together the best Cinco de Mayo party ever!
Everyone came to eat tacos/burritos, drink fancy drinks, play outside and just be together!
we tired to get Matt to say the prayer in spanish.. thought it would be fitting... but, he doesn't speak spanish dang it!

 Izzy and Lola LOVED the hammock
I'm also a big fan.. Emily.

 Mmmm.... :)

 Taco  Bar.

And yes, Watermelon! I didn't even know we could eat it yet.. it was delicious and perfect for the great weather last night! :)

Happy Cinco de Mayo!
Have a wonderful weekend!

04 May 2011


Yesterday, Matt was being very helpful, and doing some laundry.
He went and changed the loads, and then even started folding them..
all by himself :)

Maeby sometimes gets a little anxiety when Matt is gone or something..
and so she was sticking right by his side once he was home from work.

She decided she wanted to help with the laundry too! :)

and she really laid there the entire time he was folding.
She is so funny, and so cute!

02 May 2011

Red Iguana

On Friday we went to dinner to the Red Iguana with Zann, Camer and Lola.

We hang out with these guys, probably more than anyone else! And we love it!
I can honestly say they are our best friends, and luck for us, our family too!

Lola has been getting really sick lately, lots of ear infections, so Friday she had tubes put in her ears.
I'd say they worked like a charm, considering this is how she was acting while at dinner..

She is so freaking cute!
We sure love the Calls!