14 March 2013

One long post.

Well once again I am slacking, but this time I have a legit excuse. My computer had well over 12,000 pictures on it and was running SO slow. I couldn't even upload photos. So I finally got my external hard drive and made the transfer, now we are up and running again and I finally love my little macbook again. :) Anyway.. so here is one long post to catch up on the last couple months. 

First I will start out with a few darling pictures of little Lucy for her "month to month" pictures. 

Lucy celebrated her first Valentines day just a couple weeks after turning 6 months old. This little red sweater was a gift from Aunt Frit, and I thought it was so perfect for the holiday. Its so cute, and so is the baby wearing it. :) 

  Last week after a rough day at church.. 

7 months old?? really? We are now closer to being 1 year old than we are to being a newborn. I have loved watching Lucy grow, she has the funniest personality and she is such a mama's girl.. which I don't hate.. :) When Lucy was almost 6 months old she finally mastered sitting up, but would occasionally fall over after a few minutes, now that we are a couple weeks into our 7th month, she has mastered sitting up and loves to sit and play. 

Also, shortly after turning 6 months, Lucy sat in her first high chair. She still is a bit small in the high chair, but she loves being able to be apart of lunch or dinner, and she sure looks big sitting there so proudly. Thankfully she hasn't tried to eat the table... If she was into that I think my anxiety would be through the roof. 

Lucy is seriously the sweetest baby. She is always happy, even when she is sick; and unfortunately she has been consistently sick since just before Christmas. We have had ear infections, mild respiratory infections, colds and the dreaded RSV. My biggest fear of having Lucy in day care was that she would end up with RSV this winter. And after a couple "sluggish" days, Lucy's breathing started to get really bad. On Wednesday, February 6, I took her into urgent care and she was officially diagnosed. Her oxygen level was down to about 91, and had we dropped into the 80's the sweet babe could have ended up in the hospital. As soon as we got the diagnosis, we headed home and Matt gave Lucy a priesthood blessing. Nothing is sweeter than watching your husband be able to use the priesthood to bless your child. After Lucy had her blessing, my dad gave me a blessing too. I was a bit of a wreck and so worried about my sweet babe. I am so thankful to be surrounded by worthy priesthood holders! We started breathing treatments immediately and continued to do them throughout the week every 4-6 hours, even during the night. It was an exhausting week, but we couldn't have made it without all the help from our families. Since having RSV, I have been quite paranoid about getting it again. I literally hear every single person cough at church, work, day care, the store... it has made me crazy. Thankfully the weather is changing and hopefully we will be in the clear. We kept Lucy out of day care for a full 2 weeks when she was sick, she was totally healthy until we went back. Since then she has had a runny nose and cough. I never knew how much I hated winter until I became a mom. Summer please hurry. 

That first (very very sad) picture is the first night we had to do breathing treatments. We had lucy sleep in our room, and she was in our bed most of the night because I was so freaked out and worried she would stop breathing. She didn't like being woken up to do her treatment, but she learned to like them.. 

By day two she was a pro! She actually liked doing her treatment and I think she could tell it helped her to breath better, she would smile and eat the little hose. How did I get such a good baby?? 

Once the worst was over, we finally let Lucy try some vegetables. She has had Sweet potatoes, peas, green beens, carrots and squash. She has also had bananas and peaches. She has loved everything, except carrots. She ate them, but didn't love it, and they did not agree with her. So we wont be trying those again for a while. Peas are definitely her favorite. She loves to eat, and it shows :) haha

 Lucy's latest obsession is the bath tub. A few weeks ago she had her first tub in the big bath and she has never been happier. She LOVES to splash and dunk her face in the water. I get a little stressed because water and babies is kind of a scary combination, but it is so cute and makes her so happy. I can't wait to take her swimming this summer at Cherry Hill. She will be in heaven, and so will I. Each new phase with Lucy has been so much fun. I miss my tiny newborn, but she is more fun each and every day. 

Sorry for such a long post, hopefully I will be better.. I know I say this every time, but I mean it! Being a mom is the greatest thing that has ever happened to me. 

and to end... a couple of pictures from church. Lucy doesn't like sunday school.. or relief society. its right at nap time, and she would prefer to be home in her crib sleeping. We keep making an effort.. hopefully her attitude with change :) 

as a side note, since I stopped nursing right at 6 months, I started Insanity again. I have just finished month 1 and am moving into month 2, it is killer but it is definitely paying off. I would never dare post my before pictures.. but take my word for it, things are changing. (thank goodness) Since starting Insanity again I have become a little addicted. I hate to miss a day and i feel like I have so much more energy. Hopefully this will keep up. Any encouragement is welcome! :) 

06 March 2013

Lack of blogging..

I applogize for not updating more frequently. I have much to blog about, and many pictures of my sweet Lucy to post, but my Macbook is a little under the weather. I have far too many [thousands]  pictures uploaded and it is running at very slow speeds. I am hoping to transfer all of my pictures to an external hard drive this week so I can resume updating regularly. :)