28 November 2012

Going Private

Friends (if anyone still even reads this blog),
 Since our little Lucy takes up a lot of space on this lovely blog and I can't help but post millions of pictures of her, Matt and I have decided to make our blog private. If you would like to keep reading, please leave your email address in a comment so I can invite you.
Thanks for reading!

16 November 2012

Lucy and Charlotte's Blessing Day

Because Lucy is lucky enough to have another cousin so close to her in age, she was able to share her special day with her youngest cousin, Charlotte. On November 4, 2012 Lucy Marie Olsen and Charlotte Emily Shumway were given a name and a blessing. It was so fun for these two little babies to be able to have this day together, and even though we had about 80 people (thats JUST family) we were thrilled to have everyone in attendance to help us celebrate this special day. 

Matt did such a wonderful job and gave Lucy the most beautiful blessing. She is so lucky to have such a great dad who is a worthy priesthood holder. I have always thought baby blessings were such sweet days for those new babies and their parents, but I never really understood just how special that day is until I could experience it for myself. I know Lucy is going to grow into a beautiful young woman full of integrity and kindness. I cherish each and every day with her and I look forward to all of the days, moments and memories to come. 

Lucy was in no mood for pictures... but isn't my sister Jennifer so pretty?? 

 Belle didn't want any more pictures either... ha ha 

It was such a great day, I'm so glad we could share it. 

Recent Weeks

I have been a terrible blogger, and I am trying to make a commitment to myself that I am going to be better. I take about a hundred pictures of Lucy each week, and still somehow I feel like I don't have enough. She changes daily and is becoming the sweetest, happiest little baby around. She smiles anytime anyone talks to her, she likes to spit and do some "tricks" with her mouth. She laughed for the very first time last week, and thank heavens I caught part of it on video. I am missing her sweet little newborn phase, but it has been so fun to watch her grow. If any of you follow me on instagram, you know how obsessed I am with Lucy (I apologize for annoying everyone out there with my 300 pictures, but I really just can't help it). In church this last week a couple of the ladies were talking to me about how they love seeing all her pictures, then one said, "Kathryn, you are such a cute mom. You love it don't you?" and all I could say over and over is, "yes, I love it so much! I love being a mom, I love it!" I am sure I sounded like a complete idiot, but in all honesty, that is all I can say about it. No matter how many sleepless nights there are, or evenings when Lucy wont stop crying; I absolutely, totally, completely love being a mother more than anything. I can't wait for the day when I get to stay home with my little one's and watch each and every moment of their small lives. I don't think there could possibly be anything better. Now here are pictures of the recent weeks. I'm sure none of you care to see them all, but I do.. so deal with it. :) 

Can you believe this little gem is 15 weeks... actually almost 16.. which is almost 4 months. Eek. Time is going way too fast. 

Crosby's Blessing Day

On October 14, 2012 Crosby Dee Call was given a name and a blessing. Cros-boy is such a sweet boy (even if he doesn't like to sleep much) and is the cutest little chunk I have ever seen. He is 11 days younger than Lucy, and has out weighed her since the day he was born. I sure love this little boy, and I was so glad we could be apart of his special day. :) 

 My Beautiful Sister in Law, Camer, and the fat boy himself, Crosby Dee. 

The Call Family

 Lola and her other cousin Lucy, little cheesers. 

And how precious is this picture??? Debbie and Frit were making Lucy so happy while we sat at the park during the luncheon, and Matt captured this little gem of a picture. I absolutely love it. 

I am so lucky to be apart of such a great family. I married into one of the most fun and most loving families I have ever met. Lucky me.