30 March 2011

Ole, Ole, Ole, Ole...

Saturday night we got to go down and watch
Real Salt Lake!

It was so much fun, and we were in great company! :)

 I've got the best in-laws ever! :)

 David Beckham...

It was such a fun night! I can't wait to go again! :)

24 March 2011


although I am the one in desperate need of a makeover...

my family room is the one who will be getting it!

I can't wait!!

Some items I'll be recieving for my birthday... others will take a little more time..

but I hope it will turn out as beautiful as I am imagining it! :)

23 March 2011

Back in the day.

I love my life right now, and I most definitely love being married..

But these days were some of the best!
Thankfully little matthew was apart of my life then, too! :)

I found some old pictures from the great times of High school..

Enjoy! :)

 we are such a cute couple... haha

20 March 2011

Weekend of Cupcakes!

Matt doesn't even like cake...
but this weekend, all he wanted were cupcakes!

Friday night we made a stop by our local cupcake shop
Sugar Daisy
and picked these up! They were delicious.

Then saturday we went to
Sweet Tooth Fairy
with Jen and Chase
where we got these!

Both stores were so adorable! Sweet Tooth Fairy is decorated so cute, I could live there!
But as far as taste goes, I liked Sugar Daisy the best!
(but I'm not judging yet.. I plan on trying all of their cupcakes :)

If you haven't been to either, I suggest you go!
Matt still wants more, and is requesting that I try all these new recipes!
So I guess this week I'll be making even more cupcakes!

Hope you all had a great weekend!

17 March 2011


On this lovely holiday, I couldn't think of any better way to celebrate than a
Lime Rainbow Float
from paces.

mmmm... by far one of my favorite treats!
And today was another great day to get one!

I suggest you get one too! :)

Happy St.Patricks Day!

15 March 2011

Maebs and Matt.

I NEVER thought I would be one of those people that treat their dogs like children...
in fact, I used to make fun of them on a regular basis.

but honestly, I can't help it!

Maeby is so cute, and I really do love her so much! She is the best little puppy!

Matt and Maebs are best friends and she loves to lay on him and watch TV.
Its really cute, because she really just stares at the TV and will literally watch whatever is on!

These two little sweeties are all I need! :)
Matt helped me get through a sad little moment last week, and it just made me realize how much
I really love him and what a great husband he is to me!

I know we were "meant to be". I couldn't imagine being this happy with anyone else!!

I love you Matty
and you too Maeby baby!

PS. I gladly admit that I am now one of those people :)

11 March 2011


Please pray for my mom and grandma.
They are both in Hawaii right now, on Maui.
The first  big wave should be hitting them within the next 30 minutes.

I hope they will be kept safe.

10 March 2011


This Saturday I am attending a...

I can't wait!!
 I love Zumba, and what is better than a full 2 hours of it!

Hopefully this will help get rid of some of my stress/anger/frustration! :)

anyone who would like to join, is welcome.
text me

09 March 2011


I almost burnt my house down last night.
It was a bit embarrassing, I don't really want to discuss it.

But then a thought came to me today...
It wouldn't of been too bad... as long as this book was in the fire!

at one point this semester I was really liking Math, and was doing really well!

Now... its a different story.

Next week is spring break.. and it can't come soon enough!

and just had some more great events to add to my very stressful/horrible day.. I wish it was Friday.

08 March 2011

The snow.

I am more than ready for this snow to be gone, and for summer to be here...

But I do have to admit...
I love looking at my house after a big snow storm.

I took this early this morning, as I was leaving for work! But you get the idea..

I think it is so adorable!

06 March 2011

Slumber party

Last night we had our friends Jeff and Amy come over for a pretend slumber party!
 We all wore our pajamas, played games and watched a movie!
We even had movie theater popcorn:)
It was a very fun night and we can't wait to do it again!