25 May 2012

Babies come exactly when they're meant to

I have gone back and forth debating whether or not to post this blog, because the story of how our baby came to be is so sweet to Matt and me. But after sharing it with a few people, they all told me I would be mad at myself if I didn't write it down. I think they are right.. I want to remember the experience we had with becoming pregnant for the first time, and not forget one little detail. So here we go....

Since Matt and I got married, we always told ourselves we would wait about three years before starting our family. We both wanted to be done with school, and see where the next chapter of our lives took us. I think all along I always kind of knew we would never make it that long. :) Both of us can't wait to become parents, and I think even though waiting three years for a baby seemed ideal, we knew we would start when Heavenly Father told us to. Many of you may know of the struggles that one of my sisters has had with infertility and the trial that it has become in her life. I also have another sister who hasn't struggled in the fertility department. I always wondered where I would land once we started trying for a family, and worried that I too would have to work very hard to bring children into this world.

Back in October 2011, I went to see my OBGYN at the time, just for a regular check up. As the two of us talked, we discussed how birth control had kinda screwed up my system and some of the things I had been dealing with since going off birth control. I stopped taking birth control just a few months after Matt and I were married because it turned me into a crazy person. Even though I wasn't on the pill, we were still preventing and had not planned on getting pregnant any time soon. While at my appointment, my doctor talked to me about my chances of being able to have a baby. He told me that it would most likely be something I would struggle with. Due to my family history and many of the symptoms I have had, he was worried I wouldn't be able to get pregnant as easily as I would have hoped. In the moment of this all, I kinda brushed it off and just thought,"We will worry about it when it actually becomes an issue, there is no point in stressing about it now." After I got home, Matt and I talked about what the doctor had said, and we both agreed that we were not ready to start a family and that we would deal with the issue once the time came.

November 11, 2011 is a day I wont ever forget. Matt and I planned to go to the temple together for a date. We had no specific purpose in our attendance that night, only to go and do the lords work and enjoy a great evening together. :)  That night as I sat through the session I was overwhelmed with an impression that there was a spirit waiting for us, and that now would be the time to start our family. My sister had been trying to get pregnant for close to two years, and I kept thinking,"This is for her, not for me.. not yet.." Again the very strong impression came that Matt and I would be starting our family. I was a little confused because it wasn't something we had seriously talked about doing yet, and with what we had learned one month earlier, I was completely taken by surprise. After the session ended and Matt and I sat in the Celestial Room, I couldn't ignore the feelings I had and knew that the spirit was softly but firmly whispering to me, that my time to become a mother was now. I decided I would keep this to myself unless Matt said something about it. I wanted some time for it to settle in and wanted to make sure I was feeling the right things. It was literally less than one minute after walking in the door to our home when Matt looked at me and said, "I think we are supposed to have a baby. It was all I could think about while in the temple." I knew at that very moment, we would be starting the next chapter of our lives.

We talked about how we were a little nervous to really take the plunge and start trying to get pregnant, but knew we couldn't ignore the promptings from the Holy Ghost. We decided we wouldn't start really trying to get pregnant, but just wouldn't be as careful and see what happened. We expected for this to take a while. It seemed like the perfect plan, we were headed in the right direction without having to really make the full on commitment. As the next couple weeks went on, my mood was changing and I was extremly tired. Matt and I both kept joking that I was pregnant, but didn't think it was even possible yet. Two weeks later on November 26, 2011 we found out we were indeed pregnant. As we looked at that little test, and saw the little pink plus sign, all we could do was hug eachother and cry. We were so excited and overwhelmed and honestly shocked at what we were really seeing. I dont know if I was already pregnant that night we were in the temple, or if it happened soon after... either way I know without a doubt, this baby was sent to us from a loving Heavenly Father who trusts us to raise one of his children and teach them all we can. This experience has brought Matt and I so much closer together. It has been the greatest thing that has ever happened to us, and we can't wait for our sweet little daughter to get here.

I was so excited to tell our families, but also a little nervous because I knew that my sister Jen, who has struggled with becoming pregnant, would be so happy for me, but it may also be hard for her. The night we had planned to tell our family, we were gathered all around when Jen announced she would be having a baby around the same time I was!! I have never been more excited, and I feel like Heavenly Father has definitely blessed our family in so many ways!! Baby Girl Olsen and Baby Girl Shumway are only 3 weeks apart. I cannot wait for their arrival!! On a side note, my sweet sister in law Emilee is also expecting, and she is only 4 weeks behind me! Baby Boy Call will be arriving the first of September (If he decides to cooperate and continues to cook a little longer... ) So many babies all at the same time! What a fun time for all of us!

16 Weeks                                                                 20 Weeks

25 Weeks                                                                 29.5 Weeks

As of today I am 30 Weeks, and only have 10 weeks left! I can't wait for our baby to get here, but I know I will miss being pregnant. I feel so blessed to have had such a healthy pregnancy and been able to continue working and going to school. I am also so grateful for Matt and all that he has done for me and our family during this time. He is a constant example to me, and I know he will be the greatest dad ever.

18 May 2012

Recent things

I haven't blogged in over a month. Sheesh. The sad thing is, even with a month come and gone, there really isn't much to update on. Back in April, we celebrated the end of the semester with some of our good friends, by going to Fat Cats in Ogden. We bowled, played arcade games and had pizza. It was a fun evening, and I learned that I really enjoy bowling.. haha Anyone want to join a league?  Anyway, Matt and I enjoyed the little break we had between Spring and Summer semester. We spent lots of time just haning out and being together. I sure love that boy!

My dad has now made it through three chemo treatments. He is taking it like a champ! He gets pretty sick about a week after chemo, but he NEVER complains. Seriously, I dont know how this guy does it. Even on his sickest days, he is up in the morning making breakfast for my mom before work, and tries to take care of things around the house. He is awesome, and I am so proud of him! Three down, three to go! After his next treatment they will re test him and see how much of the cancer is left, if any, and then continue with a few more treatments and radiation.

Summer semester started last week and this has been my life for the last two weeks. Camped out at the kitchen table with my computer and all SEVEN of my books. Yes.. seven book for three classes. What a joke. I have been doing more homework in the last two weeks than I have in my entire life! Only 5 more weeks of school, and i'll be free! Well until the baby gets here.. haha

And speaking of the baby, we got her Crib and bedding!! Pottery Barn is like a disease... I need to stop shopping there, but I can't help it. We still have so much that we need to get, but I have a couple of showers coming up, and I think we will wait till after those to finish getting everything. I only have 11 weeks left, and honestly I am a little sad. There are lots of things about pregnancy that are uncomfortable or make it so you can't do some of the things you would like to, but I am going to miss being pregnant so much. I love knowing that my little lady is in my belly all day long and I can feel her every move. I can't wait for her to get here and actually be able to hold her and love her, but I think I will really miss being pregnant. Overall it has been a great experience! There are a few of you out there who should really try it! :)
Emily... Jamie... I'm talking to you!

I have decided to finally post about the little story that goes along with how our baby became a baby.. so be looking forward to that.

Have a great day! :)