29 April 2011


I got this adorable thing yesterday...

and yes I have theblue bumper too

and I haven't stopped playing with it!
I waited for over a year for the white iphone4.
(Emily can attest)

I know there is a NEW one coming out in the fall.. but there was no way my old phone could have held out that long. and I think the White is cuter anyway! :]

Thanks Matt for getting it for me!
I love it!

27 April 2011


I love this time of year, and celebrating Easter!
This year we celebrated the day with my family on Saturday.
We had an Easter egg hunt, rolled eggs, and ate a wonderful meal.

Rolling eggs has always been a tradition in my family, and I always think it is so interesting when I find out that there are A LOT of people who have never done it before.. one of those being my husband.

We have a contest to see who can roll theirs the farthest with out it breaking, and who's egg lasts the longest.
It is such a fun tradition, and I loved being able to do things with my family all day Saturday!
Here are a few pictures from the event!

Grandma helping the little kids get their eggs!  
 ha this is a nice photo...

After I rolled my egg, it hit a bump and totally de-shelled! The egg itself stayed whole, but the shell just came off! We all thought it was pretty amazing! haha

Sunday Matt and I spent  most of Easter together, just the two of us, and it was wonderful. It was my turn to teach our primary class, and the lesson was on Christ's Miracles. As I studied and prepared for my lesson
(which I honestly have to do.. my primary kids know the scriptures better than I do)
I kept thinking of the movie, Finding Faith in Christ.
if you haven't seen, I suggest you do.
While we watched this video in class, I felt so blessed to be here, and to be apart of our saviors plan. The movie goes through many of Christs miracles and ends with his crucifiction and resurrection.
As I looked around at our sweet primary kids, faces, I could see that each of them felt the spirit and knew the real reason we celebrate Easter.
Nothing is better than that.
I am so grateful for our saviour and his sacrifice for us!

I hope you all had as great of an Easter weekend, as we did!

26 April 2011


Shout out to these two!
They finish up the April Birthdays in our family this week!

Happy Happy Birthday Mark and Courtney! :)

24 April 2011

End of Semester

Another semester has come and gone 
they go by so fast, but I still feel like there are so many more to go :(

But to celebrate the end of the semester we decided to get some friends together and go to

We had so much fun with Chase, Jen, Kelly and Jamie! 
seriously, some of the funniest moments happened, and we all laughed so much! just what we all needed! 
Here are a few of our fun moments! 
We had such a great weekend, i'll be blogging about easter soon :) 
Hope you all did too! 

also.. this is a shout out to my SB! I couldn't be more excited for you, and the upcoming events! :) 

16 April 2011

She just keeps growing!

Yesterday, Maeby laid next to me, and I remembered that she used to lay like that when we first got her!
We took a picture, so we could compare her size!

April 15, 2011 December 17, 2010

(please don't mind my large legs in the photo)

She is so big!!! It makes me really sad, that she is not tiny anymore, but I am getting more excited for her to get bigger! She is already so fun to play with, She will be even more fun the bigger she gets!

I sure do love Maeby!
I know I really am one of those people now... haha but I am ok with it!

15 April 2011


Yes, we have TONS of Tulips growing in our flower beds!!

They are EVERYWHERE!! Including the side of our driveway!

I can't wait for them to all blossom! It is getting me very excited for summer!
We are spending most of tomorrow in the yard!Wooo!  
hopefully. this dang utah/spring weather is killin me.

I can't wait to make our little house look all ready for the warmer months! :]

Happy Friday! 

11 April 2011

Another New Purchase.

I just got this today! My Chi flat iron decided it'd had enough of my intense THICK hair, and died.
So Haylee picked this up for me this morning!

I have never been so excited about a flat iron!
But this thing is amazing!!
It was a little more expensive than my Chi, but well worth the price!

Seriously, I can straighten my hair in half the time!
Thank you Nano, for coming to my hairs rescue! :)

Have a great day!

08 April 2011

Week Update.

I have been slacking a bit.. I really have no excuse!
So I am catching up today.

Last weekend I celebrated my 22nd Birthday.
Because it was General Conference Matt took me to dinner Friday night.
We went to PF Changs, one of my favorites! Then we were off to a hockey game.
Saturday morning, Matt woke me up and took me to Breakfast, Camer and Lola joined us!
We headed back home and got ready for the day, then we headed to Ikea!

I have been wanting a bookshelf or a consule table for my from room, for quite a while,
and Saturday I finally got one!

right now it is filled with lots of random things from my house, I haven't really decided what Items I want to display in it! Lets just say its a work in progress.

I also FINALLY got dishes!!
Yes, Matt and I have been living in our house for 8 months and have never had dishes! Pathetic right?

Later Saturday night, while the boys were at preisthood, I went to dinner with my my mom and sister, and all the Olsen girls! It was so much fun!

I figured my brithday weekend was about over, when we finished the festivities Sunday night at my moms!


Yesterday I purchased this gem!

not only did we not own any dishes, but we didn't have a washing machine either! Matt's mom has been doing our laundry since we got married! She is such a saint to do it for so long and to help us out, but now, I have never been so excited about doing laundry!

It has been a great week, and I feel very lucky to have Matt and my famliy, and sweet friends!

Have a great weekend!!

Ps. Maeby had her surgery on Monday. Poor puppy was so sore and tired all week! She is a trooper! I was so worried the whole time she was gone, but my house has never been cleaner!

She sure is cute!

02 April 2011

Morgy Porgy

Happy Birthday to this little sweetheart!

I am so lucky to share such a special day with my little Morgan! 

I love you Morgy, I hope your day is fabulous!! 

01 April 2011

Ogden, Utah Temple

Last night we made one last trip to the Ogden Temple before it's rennovation.
We were very lucky to go with some of our greatest friends, Emily and Colton.

This new renovation is such a bitter sweet thing for me, I am very excited to see how the new design will look, but I am sad to think that the Ogden Temple wont be the same anymore.

I know this new one will be beautiful! They all are!

Thanks for joining us last night Meyerhoffer's
It was a great experience for us all and we are so lucky to have such great friends like you!

"how many do you usually do"
"They give you 5"
"Oh... we were going to do 15"

haha such a great learning experience :)