23 July 2015

Starting off Summer.

After some dentist appointments one day, we decided to hit up the zoo while we were in the area. Lucy loves going to the zoo. Looking at the animals is always so exciting to her. She loves all animals and is such a great little zoo-goer. We had fun together as a little family, surprisingly it wasn't too hot or too crowded! 

Lucy is always asking to hold Dottie. She likes to hold her sitting up, since Dottie is a little stronger now and can hold her head up really well, Lucy thinks its really fun to set her on her lap. it is the sweetest! 

A couple randoms... just a kitty reading her books, without any clothes on. :) 
And Dottie sleeping while we were having a picnic in the backyard. 

Half of the household getting naps in... as for the other half, it is a rare occasion that we get any sleep.