12 February 2016


The cooler days have kept us inside, playing with all our toys and spending lots of time snuggling up together. Lucy has been loving playing inside her tee pee I had made her for Christmas last year. She likes to set up beds and "houses" inside, and is especially excited when Dottie comes in to join her. Dottie is seeming to grow up so much just recently! She is sitting up all on her own and eating whatever she can get her hands on. She is really becoming such a happy little babe, and we can't get enough of her! 

Lucy begs me on a daily basis if she can put Dottie in her doll stroller. I always say no, but one night I gave in and told her she could. She pushed her around for a long time and both girls were so happy about it! 

Lucy often watches me bake, and she always wants to get in on the action.. So after making pizza dough one night for dinner, I let her have some flour to "bake something", she was pretty happy about it. 

Naps for Lucy dont happen too often anymore (when did she get so big??) So when I walked in on this one afternoon, it was too sweet not to get a picture. When this girl is tired, she is not ashamed to curl up somewhere cozy with her blanket and take a snooze. 

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