12 February 2016

End of October and Halloween

One of Lucy's friends in our neighborhood had a birthday party where they had a petting zoo and  pony rides! Lucy was so excited to go and ride the pony. It was adorable and she talked about it for weeks after. 

The day before Halloween, my grandmas assisted living center had a little Halloween party. We couldn't actually be there for the party, but we stopped by early to visit her and show her the girls costumes. She was so happy to see us and as always, loved holding both girls on her lap and singing to them. 

 After visiting my grandma, we went up to Matt's new office to trick or treat around the building, the girls had fun getting candy and being in their costumes.. everyone thought Dottie was a boy in her lion costume, so on Halloween I added some pink bows to it so no one would be mistaken! haha Lucy LOVED being Ariel for halloween, and Dots made the cutest little lion around! :)

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